The Tile is Here!

Jeffrey Court Renovation Challenge Week 3: The Tile is Here!

Jeffrey Court Tile: black and white vintage vibe

It’s week 3 of the Jeffrey Court Renovation Challenge and the tile is here! I am so excited to show you my selections and let you know how things are going and to let you all know how you can start voting!!! (*Directions can be found at the end of this post!)

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The Jeffrey Court tile I selected made a grand entrance on a large semi-truck! (Tile Sources: Retro Octagon White Dot, Black Out Mosaic, Gardenia Mosaic)

This post is sponsored by Jeffrey Court. As always I only support and promote brands I truly love! You can read my full disclosure here.

Jeffrey Court tile delivery. #tile

Once I ordered the tile I really didn’t think about how it would be delivered to the house. But then the shipping company called to schedule a delivery time and I was surprised when they asked if our neighborhood could accommodate a semi-truck. Wow, seriously? I had only ordered 200 square feet and that didn’t seem like that large of a load.

Tile delivered straight to your door. #jctile

Luckily, our neighborhood streets can handle semis because that is exactly what it showed up in! Turns out it wasn’t that large but was the best way to get it safely to its destination!  My husband was sweet and came home early to help with the unloading. The delivery guy was great and only one box was dropped and a few pieces damaged! 😉

The Tile is Here

The cutest tile delivery ever!
Somebody wanted to help me open the boxes!

We immediately brought some of the tile in and my husband started laying it out to get more of a visual on what it would look like. I’m not going to lie…I had this moment of panic and self doubt about my tile choices. I feel silly saying this but it kept me up that night, worrying about what I had gotten myself into and if I had made the right choices.  Don’t get me wrong, the tile is gorgeous (as you can see!) I was more worried about the tile and pattern I picked and if it would all work together. I’ve never actually chosen tile besides the subway tile for our kitchen back splash. Plus, our entryway is the first thing you see as you enter our home so that adds a bit of extra pressure. Things are officially starting to get real!

Jeffrey Court Fall Renovation Challenge.
Black and white tile from Jeffrey Court. #entrywaytile #tile

My husband, God bless him, reassured me that it all looked good and that it was going to work out. He made me relax and feel better and said that he loved the tile.  The next day Lou, our tile guy, came over and said the same thing. He loved my choices! So that night I was able to sleep. 😉I was back in the game!

Jeffrey Court tile for our entryway.

Next, we are working on the design (so pumped about this part) and it looks like we will start laying the tile this week. I can hardly wait…I’m sure I won’t be sleeping much once the tile starts going in. Not because I’m worried, but because I am SO excited and because I know the voting will start soon! The competitive side of me is totally pumped up!

The To-Do List

*Hire a contractor 🙂 DONE

*rip out existing tile DONE

*Tile Delivered DONE

*decide on tile design and word for the “doormat” (in the works!)

*lay tile and grout

*style the heck out of my entryway and spruce it up a bit

*Bonus: rip out carpet in playroom and carpet on stairs

We love our Jeffrey Court tile!

*Pray that I can get this all done in six weeks while being a wife, mom, teaching morning kindergarten and all the others things currently on my plate! 😉 STILL PRAYING!

I will leave you with this cute picture of my helpers in hopes that you will go to this link here (just look for my picture) to vote for my renovation! This is week one of voting and after this there will be 2 more weeks of voting! Make sure to stop by next week to see my entryway progress and I hope you will vote and follow along these next few weeks! Thank you so much for your support, it means so much to me!



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