Vintage Wicker Demijohn Decor Ideas (& Where to Buy Them)

Today I’m so excited to dive into one of my all-time favorite home decor items that I love thrifting or hunting for – vintage wicker demijohns. If you’re like me and have a soft spot for these charming, wicker-wrapped bottles, you’re in for a treat. Not only will I share my passion for collecting them, but I’ll also spill the beans on where to find these treasures and how to work their magic in your decor. Keep reading for several vintage wicker demijohn decor ideas!

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Thrifting With the Gals

Today I am honored to be this month’s guest for the blog series Thrifting With the Gals, hosted by Ann of Dabbling and Decorating, Robyn of Robyn’s French Nest, Kristin of White Arrows Home and Rachel of The Ponds Farmhouse. Each month this group of talented ladies share a favorite thrifted item and how they are styling it in their homes! Check them out below.

What Are Vintage Wicker Demijohns?

Before we embark on this wicker-filled journey, let’s make sure we’re all on the same page.

Vintage wicker demijohns are essentially glass bottles or jugs encased in a beautiful wicker covering.

They’ve been around for centuries and have a unique, rustic charm that adds a touch of history to any space. I can’t help but feel drawn to their timeless appeal.

My personal collection includes a variety of 7 differing shapes and sizes of wicker demijohns.

What is a Demijohn Used For?

Historical Background: Vintage wicker demijohns have a rich history dating back to ancient times. Originally, the term “demijohn” was derived from the French word “dame-jeanne,” meaning Lady Jane.

These vessels were typically used for transporting and storing liquids such as wine, oil, or spirits. The wicker covering served a practical purpose, offering protection to the glass container during transportation and storage.

In the 19th and early 20th centuries, demijohns became popular in Europe and beyond. Their distinctive shape and the woven wicker covering not only provided a functional solution for transportation but also added an aesthetic appeal.

3 easy ways to transition your home decor from summer to fall
Wicker demijohns comes in all sizes, shapes and colors!

The wicker helped regulate the temperature of the contents and protected the glass from breakage.

Other Names For Wicker Demijohns

While “wicker demijohns” is a common term for these decorative items, there are also other names and variations used to describe similar items. Here are a few alternative names and terms you can include in your blog post:

  • Wicker Covered Demijohns: This term emphasizes the wicker covering that is often used to protect and decorate the glass demijohn.
  • Wicker-Wrapped Demijohns: This describes demijohns where the wicker material is wrapped around the glass container, adding a layer of protection and style.
  • Wicker-Wrapped Bottles: Some people may refer to these as wicker-wrapped bottles, especially if the term “demijohn” is less familiar to them.
  • Wicker-Encased Bottles: This emphasizes the wicker casing or enclosure around the glass bottle, which provides a unique and charming look.
  • Vintage Wicker-Wrapped Jugs: This variation specifies that these items are jugs or bottles, often used for storing liquids like wine or spirits.
  • Woven Demijohns: Highlighting the woven wicker aspect, this name draws attention to the craftsmanship of the wickerwork.
  • Decorative Demijohn Bottles: If you want to focus on their decorative use, this name can convey that these items are primarily used for enhancing interior decor.
  • Antique demijohn bottles : the primary difference between antique and vintage demijohn bottles lies in their age. Antique bottles are generally over 100 years old, while vintage bottles are at least 20 years old.
vintage wicker demijohn on mantel

Antique vs Vintage Demijohn Bottles

Antique Demijohn Bottles:

  • What’s the Deal: So, when we’re talking “antique” demijohn bottles, we’re basically going way back in time. These bottles are the OGs, over 100 years old – real relics of the past.
  • Back in the Day: Think early 20th century or even earlier. If a demijohn bottle has been around since before 1920, it’s rocking that antique status.
  • Vibes and Characteristics: Antique demijohn bottles might have these cool characteristics that scream, “I’m from a different era!” Look out for unique manufacturing techniques, materials, or design quirks that were all the rage back then.
During the summer months I love to add flags to my demijohns!

Vintage Demijohn Bottles:

  • What’s the Buzz: Now, if we’re talking “vintage” demijohn bottles, we’re not time-traveling quite as far, but we’re still hitting the rewind button. Vintage vibes are all about the best of a particular era.
  • Time Check: To be vintage, a bottle needs to be at least 20 years old. So, as of 2023, we’re looking at bottles from the ’80s or earlier. Those funky ’90s bottles? Not quite there yet.
  • Cool Traits: Vintage demijohn bottles carry the spirit of their time. You might spot design trends, manufacturing quirks, or brand-specific features that were popular during their heyday.

The main distinction between antique and vintage demijohn bottles boils down to their age. Antique bottles typically boast a grand century or more under their cork, crossing the 100-year mark.

An affordable Spring refresh in our master bedroom.
Notice the large wicker demijohn under my nightstand!

On the other hand, vintage bottles are the younger siblings, clocking in at a minimum of 20 years old. It’s all about the timeline – the classics hitting triple digits, and the vintage crew just getting started with a couple of decades on the clock.

Where to Buy Demijohns

Now, let’s get to the good stuff – where to find these little gems. As someone who loves scouring thrift shops, flea markets and antique stores, I’ve unearthed many vintage wicker demijohns in my day. Here are some go-to places to hunt for them:

  • Antique Stores: Old is gold, right? Antique stores are treasure troves for vintage wicker demijohns with loads of character.
  • Flea Markets: Oh, the thrill of finding that perfect piece at a flea market! Keep your eyes peeled for these beauties at outdoor vintage markets too. My favorite local one is A & J Antique Mall here in Northern Colorado.
  • Online Marketplaces: For those who prefer shopping from the comfort of home, online platforms like Etsy, eBay, Scout and Nimble, Ruby Lane and Chairish offer an incredible selection.
  • Local Craftsmen and Artisans: Sometimes, local artisans create wicker-wrapped bottles that capture the vintage look. These can be true works of art.
  • Thrift Stores: Thrift shops can surprise you with unexpected finds, so don’t forget to check them out while thrifting.

My heart races just thinking about the hunt. Each wicker demijohn tells a story, and finding the perfect one is like discovering a piece of history.

Scroll Through Pictures to Shop Wicker Demijohns for Decor

Vintage Wicker Demijohn Decor Ideas

So, you’ve got your hands on a vintage wicker demijohn (or two, or three). Now what? Here are some creative ideas and ways to use them in your decor:

Living Room Decor Ideas

Place a demijohn on a bookshelf, mantel, or coffee table to add a rustic, vintage touch to your living space. They pair beautifully with greenery, candles or dried flowers.

Christmas wreath on art wall

One of my favorite things to do is group several of them together on our mantel, inside our fireplace or on a side table. This image below has always inspired me!

Vintage wicker demijohns
Love them on this mantel! Via Bungalow Blue Interiors.

Kitchen and Dining Room Decor Ideas

Transform your kitchen or dining area by using demijohns as unique vases for fresh or faux blooms. The wicker texture complements the cozy vibes of the kitchen.

Picture one or two of them on a countertop vignette. They look pretty paired with candles, stacked glasses or even fruit. They add the perfect amount of texture and height.

One year I lined several of them down the center of our Christmas dining room table. They looked beautiful mixed in with candles, garland and Santa mugs. They really are so versatile!

Outdoor Decor Ideas

Don’t shy away from using them outdoors! Vintage wicker demijohns can serve as distinctive garden decor (picture them adorning your potting table or in your garden she-shed), or they can be used to hold drinks at your next outdoor gathering.

I myself have never used the vintage or antique demijohns to hold water but the newer variety for sure!

A backyard table setting using blues , whites and terracotta!

Historical Uses for Demijohn Bottles:

  1. Wine Storage: Demijohns were frequently employed for aging and storing wine. The wicker covering helped maintain a consistent temperature, contributing to the aging process.
  2. Oil and Spirits: Besides wine, demijohns were used for transporting and storing various liquids, including olive oil and spirits. The wicker protected the glass from damage during transport.
  3. Household Storage: In households, demijohns were used for storing and dispensing water, vinegar, or other household liquids. The wicker provided insulation and prevented condensation.

Modern Uses for Demijohn Bottles

Fast forward to today, and vintage wicker demijohns have found new life as versatile and charming decor items. Here’s how people, including yourself, might use them:

  1. Decorative Vases: One of the most popular modern uses is as decorative vases. Vintage wicker demijohns make stunning containers for fresh or dried flowers. The contrast between the natural wicker and the blooms adds a touch of rustic elegance to any space.
  2. Table Centerpieces: Placing a demijohn on a dining table or coffee table can serve as a captivating centerpiece. You can keep it simple with greenery or get creative with seasonal decorations.
  3. Shelving and Display: Incorporating demijohns into shelving arrangements or display cabinets enhances the overall aesthetic. They become focal points in the room, showcasing your love for vintage decor.
  4. Outdoor Decor: These versatile vessels aren’t limited to indoor spaces. In outdoor settings, demijohns can be used as unique garden decor or as containers for outdoor gatherings.
  5. Stand-Alone Decor Pieces: Some demijohns are so visually striking that they become stand-alone decorative pieces. Placing them strategically in a room allows them to shine on their own.

For me personally, I love using vintage wicker demijohns as vases. You can see my favorite faux hydrangeas in them here on our hearth.

There’s something magical about pairing the old-world charm of the wicker with the beauty of fresh flowers. I often place them on tables, sideboards, or any surface that could use a touch of character.

I enjoy grouping my collection together for even more of an impact!

Whether they’re gracing your table with flowers or standing proudly on a shelf, vintage wicker demijohns continue to tell a story—a story that spans centuries and adds a unique chapter to your home decor.

vintage wicker demijohn decor ideas

It’s amazing how these historical vessels have seamlessly transitioned from functional items to cherished pieces of art in our modern spaces.

Tips for Decorating with Demijohns:

Don’t be afraid to mix and match demijohn sizes and styles. The contrast can create an intriguing visual dynamic. Plus, always consider the lighting to showcase their rustic charm.

Fall Mantel
  1. Grouping and Layering:
    • Create visual interest by grouping demijohns together. This can be on a mantel, shelf, or as a centerpiece on a table.
    • Experiment with layering by placing smaller demijohns in front of larger ones for a dynamic and textured look.
  2. Selecting the Right Location:
    • Consider the style and color scheme of the room when deciding where to place your demijohns. They can be versatile, fitting into both traditional and contemporary settings.
    • Highlight them in areas with good natural light to showcase their details and textures.
  3. Incorporating Greenery:
    • Use vintage wicker demijohns as stylish vases for fresh or faux greenery. The contrast between the wicker and the vibrant colors of plants or flowers adds a lively touch.
    • Consider placing them near windows or in well-lit corners to enhance the natural appeal.
  4. Mixing and Matching:
    • Don’t be afraid to mix and match different sizes and styles of demijohns. This eclectic approach can create a visually appealing display.
    • Pair them with other vintage or rustic decor elements to enhance the overall aesthetic.
  5. Balancing with Other Decor Items:
    • Balance the look by incorporating demijohns with other decor items. For example, pair them with books, candle holders, or framed photos.
    • Aim for a harmonious arrangement that complements the overall theme of the room.
  6. Using as Table Centerpieces:
    • Place a demijohn or a collection of them as a centerpiece on dining tables or coffee tables. This instantly draws attention and serves as a conversation starter.
    • Combine them with candles or other tabletop decor for added visual appeal.
  7. Showcasing in Shelving Units:
    • Integrate demijohns into shelving units or bookcases. The woven texture and unique shapes stand out against books and other display items.
    • Consider backlighting the shelves to create a dramatic effect.
  8. Seasonal Decor Changes:
    • Switch up the decor with the seasons. In spring and summer, fill demijohns with fresh flowers, while in fall and winter, consider using dried flowers, branches, or seasonal ornaments.
    • This adaptability ensures your decor stays fresh and interesting throughout the year.
  9. Creating a Focal Point:
    • Use a larger or uniquely shaped demijohn as a focal point in a room. Place it on a pedestal or stand to draw attention and make a statement.
  10. Exploring Alternative Uses:
    • Think beyond traditional decor. Vintage wicker demijohns can also be repurposed as storage containers or even as unique lamp bases for a creative touch.

Remember, the key is to have fun and let your creativity shine. Vintage wicker demijohns bring a touch of history and character to your decor, so feel free to experiment and find what resonates best with your style!

moss tucked into this easy and organic fall centerpiece

Vintage Wicker Demijohn FAQs

I know you might have some burning questions about vintage wicker demijohns. Here are some FAQs I’ve come across on my thrifting adventures. If you still have more questions please leave me your question below in the comment section and I will do my best to answer you!

1. Where can I find authentic vintage wicker demijohns? 

Antique stores and flea markets are your best bets for authentic finds. But don’t sleep on ETSY or EBAY , they actually have a variety of sizes, shapes , colors and prices! But remember, hunting is the best way to find them.

2. How can I tell if a demijohn is genuinely vintage? 

Look for signs of wear, patina, and traditional craftsmanship, and inquire about provenance if possible. I like to chat with the vendor if I can to hear the story of how they found their demijohns.

3. Are there any value considerations when buying vintage wicker demijohns? 

Value can vary, so do your research and consult experts to make informed purchases. If you know they are sourced straight from Europe then they are worth paying a bit more for. You shouldn’t be surprised to find them at multiple price points!

4. Can I use demijohns in outdoor settings? 

Absolutely! Just protect them from harsh weather. One of my favorite ways to use them outdoors is as a centerpiece on a table. They add so much visual interest and texture!

5. What are some creative ways to use demijohns in decor? 

Explore your creativity! They can be used as vases, centerpieces, or even standalone decor pieces. Think about adding them to tablescapes inside or out, pairing a few on your mantel, or even grouping them under a table for an unexpected option! Nothing is off limits.

6. How do I clean and care for vintage wicker demijohns? 

Use a soft brush or cloth for cleaning, and protect them from excessive moisture and direct sunlight. These wicker wrapped demijohns are often quite dusty so don’t be alarmed if you find one and it seems dirty. That probably just means that it is older and worth more!

Adding texture to your Fall mnatel is one way to add warmth and a cohesive feel.

Vintage Wicker Demijohn Decor Ideas (& Where to Buy Them)

Vintage wicker demijohns are more than just decorative pieces; they’re stories waiting to be told. Each one you bring into your home adds a unique touch of history and charm to your decor. So, go on, embark on your own treasure hunt, and let these vintage beauties work their magic in your space. I hope you found some vintage wicker demijohn decor ideas today. Happy thrifting!

Don’t forget to check out the other thrifted decor ideas today from the Thrifting With the Gals! ( Just click on each picture to visit their posts!) And a huge thank you to these fabulous ladies for having me as this month’s guest!

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Vintage Wicker Demijohn Decor Ideas (& Where to Buy Them)

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