A Beautiful Christmas Boxwood Wreath & Tips for Extending Its Life

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It’s that time of year again, and you know what that means – the quest for the perfect Christmas decorations is on! For me, the annual highlight is my pilgrimage to Trader Joe’s in search of their stunning boxwood wreaths. At just $14.99, these wreaths are not only a steal but a holiday tradition I eagerly anticipate. The only catch? They vanish faster than you can say “Jingle Bells!”

A Beautiful Christmas Boxwood Wreath and Tips for Extending Its life

This year, I managed to snag not one but two of these green gems. And, of course, I couldn’t resist adding my own touch to them. A bit of frayed edge velvet ribbon in shades of blue, light blue, and green, along with bunches of white St John’s wort and eryngium, became the festive flourish I needed to pull together the blues in my Christmas decor.

Let’s take a peek at a beautiful Christmas boxwood wreath and some tips for extending it’s life! (and bonus these wreaths can actually be used for year round decor!)

Boxwood Christmas Wreath

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Christmas Wreath Inspiration

Today I am joining a Christmas/ Holiday wreath blog hop hosted by my friend Jennifer of tatertots and jello.

If you are finding me from Kim of Today’s Creative Life, welcome. Did you see her beautiful Scandinavian star wreath? I loved it.

Gorgeous Holiday Wreaths to Make

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A Beautiful Christmas Boxwood Wreath Tutorial

Below you will find my simple steps for making your own beautiful Christmas boxwood wreath with just a few simple additions.

Like I mentioned above, I found mine at Trader Joe’s. You can find live boxwood wreaths ( and garland too) at local garden nurseries as well. Or you could always by a preserved one like this.

Steps to Embellish Your Boxwood Wreath:

Hang/Prop Up Your Boxwood Wreath:

Begin by hanging the boxwood wreath on your chosen surface, in this case, a charming shutter. Take a moment to step back and visualize where you want to place it.

Boxwood wreath start

Velvet Elegance, Adding Ribbon To Your Wreath:

Attach a long piece of dark blue velvet ribbon to the shutter, ensuring it complements the wreath’s color.

My Christmas colors this year are blues and greens. I found this gorgeous frayed edged velvet ribbon at Hobby Lobby and it was 40% off. They had a ton of other colors too!

;omg blue ribbon on shutter

Securely tie the ribbon to the back of the wreath. This not only provides support but adds a touch of elegance to the display.

Ribbon Bliss for Your Wreath:

Cut three strands of velvet-edged ribbon in green, blue, and light blue, keeping them close to a similar length.

Combine the three strands and tie them together in a romantic droopy bow. This will be the pièce de resistance of your wreath or focal point.

The perfect way to customize your wreath to the colors you are using for your Christmas decor!

Bow Perfection:

Attach the bow to the inside top of the wreath using floral wire.

Ensure it hangs gracefully and enhances the overall aesthetic. The bow not only adds a festive flair but also creates a delightful focal point.

Boxwood wreath with velvet bow for Christmas

Adding Eryngium Magic to Your Boxwood Wreath:

Cut the eryngium bunches from your Trader Joe’s haul.

These spiky, blue-tinged blooms will add a touch of magic to your wreath. Strategically place them throughout the boxwood, securing them in place with floral wire if needed.

Step back and assess for balance.

adding florals to boxwood wreath

Add Some St John’s Wort:

Add the St John’s Wort to your wreath, allowing its white blooms to complement the blue hues.

Unlike the eryngium, you might find these florals are cooperative enough to be tucked into the wreath without the need for floral wire.

Scatter them around, ensuring a harmonious arrangement.

Balance and Beauty for Your Boxwood Wreath:

Take a moment to step back and review your masterpiece.

Ensure the ribbon bow, eryngium, and St John’s Wort are balanced and create a cohesive look. Adjust as needed until you achieve the desired effect. Have fun and let your creative juices flow!

A Christmas Boxwood wreath and preserving ideas

Final Touches on Your Beautiful Christmas Wreath:

Stand back and appreciate the beauty you’ve created. Make any final adjustments to ensure everything is securely in place and perfectly arranged.

There you have it – a personalized, embellished boxwood wreath ready to steal the spotlight in your festive decor.

Each element, from the velvet ribbon to the carefully chosen florals, adds a unique touch to make your wreath truly one-of-a-kind and customized to your decor.

A Christmas corner with blues and greens, boxwood wreath on shutter

Tips for Extending the Life of a Boxwood Wreath

Now, let’s talk longevity.

Boxwood wreaths are a timeless choice for Christmas, whether gracing your front door or adding charm inside your home.

But, as any boxwood enthusiast knows, their lifespan can be a bit temperamental.

Fear not!

I’ve got some tried-and-true tips to ensure your boxwood wreath stays fresh and fabulous for as long as possible.

1. Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate your Boxwood!

Remember to mist your wreath every 2-3 days with water. A little hydration goes a long way in keeping those boxwood leaves looking lush and vibrant.

2. Choose the Perfect Spot for Your Wreath

While boxwood is hardy, it’s wise to avoid direct sunlight and harsh weather conditions. Find a sheltered spot, and your wreath will thank you with a longer life.

This also goes for deciding if you want it indoors or out. Luckily, these wreaths dry beautifully too so you really can’t go wrong!

3. Decorate your wreath with Care

Go ahead and add your personal flair to the wreath, but handle it gently. Too much squeezing and pressing can lead to premature shedding. Treat it like the delicate work of art that it is.

I had a few leaves fall off but nothing significant.

4. Soak Your Boxwood in Love (and Water)

If you notice your wreath is feeling a bit dry, give it a spa day. Soak it in cool water for 30 minutes to an hour. Just like you after a hot bath, your wreath will feel rejuvenated.

soaking boxwood in tub to extend its life.

5. Consider Protective Sprays for Your Boxwood

Anti-desiccant sprays are like a shield against the elements. They help seal in moisture and slow down the drying process. Think of it as winter skincare for your wreath.

I found this, WILT PRUF spray on Amazon that has great ratings. I want to try it on my boxwood wreaths and see if it helps prolong their life.

6. Storage Solutions for Boxwood Wreaths

When the season winds down, store your wreath properly in a cool, dry place. A storage container or bag will keep it dust-free and ready for its encore performance next year.

Or choose to leave it out on your garden table as it makes pretty outdoor decor when it is dried!

Common Questions and Tips about Extending the Life of a Boxwood Wreath

When it comes to extending the life of boxwood wreaths or garlands, people often have various questions. Here are some frequently asked questions and their answers:

How often should I water my boxwood wreath or garland?

Water your boxwood wreath or garland every 2-3 days, or more frequently in dry conditions. Use a spray bottle to mist the foliage, ensuring it stays hydrated.

Can I use anti-desiccant sprays on boxwood wreaths?

Yes, you can use anti-desiccant sprays to help seal moisture in the leaves and slow down the drying process. Follow the instructions on the spray bottle for proper application.

Is it better to keep my boxwood wreath indoors or outdoors?

While boxwood is hardy, it’s generally better to keep the wreath indoors or in a sheltered outdoor location. Prolonged exposure to harsh weather conditions can accelerate drying. But really it is a personal decision. Last year they hung on our outdoor gates while this year I am choosing to keep my wreaths indoors.

How can I protect my boxwood wreath from direct sunlight?

Hang the wreath in a location that avoids direct sunlight. If this is not possible, mist the wreath more frequently to counter the drying effects of the sun.

Should I soak my boxwood wreath if it’s already dried out?

Yes, soaking a dried-out boxwood wreath can help rehydrate the foliage. Submerge it in cool water for 30 minutes to an hour, then allow it to drain and dry thoroughly.

Can I store my boxwood wreath for reuse?

Yes, you can store your boxwood wreath for future use. Place it in a storage container or bag, and store it in a cool, dry place. Refresh it with water before using it again.

What signs indicate that my boxwood wreath is drying out?

Drying boxwood may exhibit a change in color, becoming more brown or yellow. The leaves may also feel brittle to the touch. Regularly misting or soaking can help prevent these signs.

Is it necessary to use a sealant or preservative on boxwood wreaths?

While not necessary, some people choose to use sealants or preservatives to extend the life of their boxwood wreaths. Anti-desiccant sprays serve a similar purpose.

Can I decorate my boxwood wreath with lights or ornaments?

Yes, you can decorate your boxwood wreath with lights or lightweight ornaments. Be gentle when handling the wreath to avoid damaging the foliage. Have fun being creative and customizing your wreath to your liking!

How long can a well-cared-for boxwood wreath last?

With proper care, a high-quality boxwood wreath can last for several years. Regular misting, avoiding extreme weather, and proper storage contribute to its longevity.

Remember that the key to maintaining a vibrant green boxwood wreath or garland lies in consistent care, hydration, and protection from harsh environmental conditions.

Where to Purchase Fresh Boxwood Wreaths

Here are some places where you might find live boxwood wreaths:

  1. Local Garden Centers or Nurseries: Visit local garden centers, nurseries, or botanical shops. These establishments often carry live plants and seasonal decor items, including boxwood wreaths.
  2. Florists: Check with local florists, especially those that specialize in seasonal and holiday arrangements. Florists may offer live boxwood wreaths during the holiday season.
  3. Home Improvement Stores: Large home improvement or gardening supply stores sometimes carry live plants and holiday decor. Check the seasonal section of these stores for live boxwood wreaths.
  4. Specialty Gift Shops: Some specialty gift shops or boutiques may carry live boxwood wreaths, especially during the holiday season. These can be great places to find unique and curated options.
  5. Online Retailers: Explore online marketplaces and retailers that specialize in live plants, wreaths, and home decor. Websites like Etsy, Amazon, Crate and Barrel and Terrain and other dedicated floral or garden supply websites may offer a variety of live boxwood wreaths.
  6. Farmers’ Markets: Local farmers’ markets, particularly during the holiday season, may feature vendors selling live boxwood wreaths and other greenery.

Before purchasing, it’s a good idea to read customer reviews, check shipping policies, and verify that the wreaths will be delivered in good condition. Keep in mind that availability and options may have changed since my last update, so it’s a good idea to check with local retailers or online sources for the most current information.

A Beautiful Christmas Boxwood Wreath & Tips for Extending Its Life

My freshly adorned boxwood wreaths are currently stealing the show on my large blue chippy shutter and pine dresser in our entry. With a little extra love and these tips, I’m confident they’ll be spreading joy well into the new year.

So, fellow holiday enthusiasts, go forth and decorate with confidence, knowing your boxwood wreath will be a beacon of festive beauty throughout the season. Happy decorating!

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