5 Simple Ways to Prepare For Christmas Starting In July


Christmas In July

Red and white tin perfect for holding a sweet little Christmas tree with vintage ornaments.

5 Simple Ways to Start Preparing for Christmas In July

It’s no secret that I LOVE Christmas! Just ask my mom and sister who have been helping me pack up our house just how many boxes of Christmas decor I have and they will roll their eyes. It’s a lot!

So when Rachel from The Ponds Farmhouse reached out and asked me to join her and some friends for a Christmas in July blog hop I immediately said yes! If you are popping over from Jen At Down Shiloh Road, welcome!

And ever since then… all I can think about is Christmas.

And how I plan to decorate our new home for Christmas. The challenge excites me! And just so we are clear…this doesn’t mean I forget fall, Halloween or Thanksgiving. I celebrate these as well…but Christmas has my heart. Just like Jesus!

Here are my five simple ways to start preparing for Christmas in July.

1. Start With Your Color Scheme

Who says that Christmas decor has to always be red and green? Not me! But I will say that I do LOVE red and green decor. I have also done blue and white, red and black, all green, really the sky is the limit. My advice is to pick the colors you want and don’t worry about what is “popular’. Do what makes you happy and brings joy.

Blues, plaids and mercury glass for Christmas can be so charming!
Decorating With Blues For Christmas

This year I want to go more traditional with red and greens but will definitely be adding in blues as well! Have you decided on your colors yet? Do you change it up year to year or keep it the same?

2. Find Your Inspiration

All year long I scour Pinterest along with a few other spots for Christmas inspiration. Here are simple places to gather and find inspiration for your Christmas decor.

Monica Hibbs banister inspiration
Source Monica Hibbs

In our new home we have a gorgeous stair banister that I have been dreaming of decorating for Christmas. I have long admired Monica Hibb’s banister, shown above, so it will serve as my inspiration this year!

For the first time ever I will also have a mantle to decorate for Christmas and this makes me giddy! Ours is an all white brick fireplace with a wooden beam for the mantle. Kelly from Lily Pad Cottage has been a long time favorite blogger of mine and I adore her style. Her fireplace decor above will be my inspiration as well!

3. Shop Early or Right After Christmas

Ok, this one is my favorite tip!

Each year the day after Christmas I am hitting up my favorite stores for their after Christmas decor that is on sale. Just ask my friend Jen from Midwest Life and Style, she has joined me before and waited in lines with me!

I scout it out during the holiday season and see what I love but can’t afford. After Christmas sales are HUGE! A lot of larger stores and on-line shops have even started marking stuff on sale in July now! During these sales I love to shop for ornaments, Christmas trees, wrapping paper, ribbon and so much more!

Our Balsam Hill Chirstmas tree we scored for close to 60% off during their black Friday sale!
Our main Christmas tree was a black Friday purchase several years ago. It was marked down to 60% off!

I never buy a Christmas tree unless it is on sale! And trust me, I buy a lot of Christmas trees! I have bought them off Facebook Marketplace, Balsam Hill’s Black Friday sale, Home Depot and Walmart’s after Christmas sales and many other places. Crazy enough I have about 7 different Christmas trees.

This might be a small addiction for me! HA!

My favorite faux cedar garland from Afloral!

Shopping early for wreaths and garland is always a good idea. The good stuff sells out quickly! My favorite faux garland (shown above) sells out every year. It’s called real touch Norfolk Pine garland. If you get it from Afloral they have a discount code you can use when you sign up for their email to make it reasonable. I have also seen this same garland at Anthropologie, Amazon and Kirklands! The wreath and picks are stunning too! I find that investing in garland is worth the money!

Shop My Favorite Garland

4. Simple, Budget Friendly Ways To Change Up Your Christmas Decor

This is an entirely separate blog post in itself so I wrote a blog post all about 10 Beautiful Christmas Decorating Ideas on a Budget! Below I let you know just a few more ways on what I do to change up my Christmas decor while still keeping it budget friendly.

  • Change up your ribbon on your tree, your greenery, your wreaths and presents.
  • Find your “staple” ornaments that you use every year (mine are mercury glass) and collect those to use as your base.
  • Add new pops of color with DIY Christmas ornaments, or buy cheap ornaments in single colors. Last year I bought a ton of all red and all white ornaments for very cheap at Hobby Lobby!
  • Change up what the base of your tree looks like and sits in. Do you have a tree skirt, vintage quilt, box, metal or wicker ring, etc. Nothing is off limits to dress up my tree!
  • I also love mixing real greenery with my faux greenery. I use boxwood clipping, ever green branches and juniper clippings from our yard! They help make some inexpensive faux garlands look fuller and obviously more life like!
  • Pick up new wrapping paper with new colors. (Hint: Home Goods has amazing quality wrapping paper for cheap!) I like to use unexpected paper that isn’t always “holiday” paper!
  • Use sentimental items in your decor that might be unexpected. For example we used my daughter’s doll house and decorated it for Christmas!
  • Download my FREE Holiday Printables Bundle that include beautiful Christmas gift tags!
A dollhouse decorated for Christmas is sentimental and pretty!
The dollhouse is featured in my Plaids, Presents and Our Christmas Tree post from last year!
Non traditional tree skirt...use a basket!
Don’t be afraid to use a non traditional approach to a tree skirt!

5. Plan Your Spaces

Thinking ahead is key when it comes to Christmas and being able to enjoy it with your family and in your home. I usually start decorating in November since everything is super early when you are a blogger . This used to drive me crazy but now I see it as an opportunity to enjoy my Christmas decor a bit longer, bask in the true meaning of CHIRSTmas as well as be in the moment with my family. Now if I could just make myself get my shopping done earlier then everything would be perfect!

Planning your Christmas porch earlier lets you enjoy it longer!
Planning your Christmas Porch earlier lets you enjoy it longer!

Cjristmas in my daughter's bedroom...colorful ideas!
Don’t forget to plan for your bedrooms too! Kids especially love this!

Often times I like to break my decorating into days. On day one I do the tree, on day two I do the kitchen and greenery, on day three I do the porch. You get my drift. Planning out your schedule helps. Since I work full time teaching kindergarten, I have to plan my days and use my time wisely. I am also very lucky to have my mom close by…she loves to come help me decorate! Recruiting family members is also another great idea.

Christmas in the kitchen using reds and greens.

Preparing for Christmas In July

So who is ready to start preparing for Christmas in July now? Hopefully my 5 simple tips get your wheels spinning. I’m over here chomping at the bit and ready to start playing Christmas music. Of course I will also promise to enjoy fall and Thanksgiving as well. If you want to see more of my seasonal decor you can head HERE.

How to make Advent meaningful for your family!
How to make Advent meaningful!

Now make sure to visit Rachel at The Ponds Farmhouse and her 15 DIY Christmas Decorations In July post. Next head below for the links to my blogging friends who are also sharing their Christmas in July ideas!



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5 Simple Ways to Prepare for Christmas in July!

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  1. Kelly,
    This has me so excited for Christmas now! Your tips are amazing, I enjoyed reading each of them.
    And, your home always is lovely for the holidays. Thank you for the inspiration!

    Grateful for you, and wishing you the best weekend!

  2. Your home is beautiful no matter which color scheme you choose! I can’t wait to see your new home all decked out this year, Kelly!

  3. You know I adore your gorgeous holiday decor, friend. Thanks for sharing your tips. I can’t wait to see what you do this holiday in your beautiful new home! Pinned!

  4. Kelly,
    Your Christmas decor is so beautiful and so many great tips. I know you are excited to plan Christmas in your new House. Thanks so much for joining me today.

  5. I love all of your plaids! The plaid ribbons, plaid wrapping paper and plaid blankets, especially with the black and white toile. Your decorations are so timeless. Love them. So fun to hop with you.

  6. So many delightful ideas and so much inspiration! That garland on the banister is garland, as is the mantel. I know you are going to have a wonderful time decorating your new home for Christmas the first time. Now, one question…do you put up all seven of those trees every year?

  7. So many good tips! I love Christmas, too, and also have multiple trees. I love your bannister inspiration. I’m so excited to see what you do in your new home! What a Christmas it will be!! 🎄

  8. Great tips and I totally need to listen! I have a hard time planning my spaces but need to for sure. I feel it’s hodge podge most of the time and that easy tip would certainly help. Loved all of your photos! So glad to be hopping with you again. Pinned!

  9. Beautiful recap Kelly. I had so much fun posting for Christmas in July this year.

    I shared some beautiful crafts.

    So right about ordering garlands and wreathes early. I ordered the same garland you shared.

    Last year I was too late

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