Decorating with Glass Cloches

Hey there! Did you know that glass cloches have been around for ages? They started out as handy little greenhouses, keeping those delicate seedlings safe and sound. But guess what? These days, they’ve become something much more than that! With their gorgeous bell-shaped glass domes, these cloches have totally reinvented themselves as a trendy and versatile addition to home decor. It’s amazing how they bring an elegant touch to any space while letting you unleash your creativity. I have come to love decorating with glass cloches and I think you will love them as well.

Decorating with glass cloches

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Decorating with Glass Cloches

You know, decorating with glass cloches is such a fabulous way for homeowners and designers to showcase their beloved little treasures in the most sophisticated and eye-catching way possible.

The amazing thing about using glass cloches in your home is how you can instantly transform ordinary objects into showstopping focal points that make any space look absolutely stunning. They bring this incredible depth to the setting, almost like a three-dimensional frame, allowing you to play with scale, composition, and a wide variety of materials. It’s like a little world under that dome!

But here’s the best part: glass cloches aren’t just for looks. Nope! They’re also fantastic for introducing themes and narratives into your living spaces. You can tell captivating stories through the artful arrangement of objects under the cloche, creating a visual narrative that adds a whole new layer of meaning to your home.

Green dresser with summer vignette including glass cloche

And let me tell you, glass cloches are total chameleons when it comes to interior styles. Whether you’re into that rustic and vintage vibe or you prefer a sleek and minimalist look, these cloches can effortlessly adapt to any décor style you fancy. They’re versatile like that! For me since it is currently summer, I am leaning heavily towards a coastal look under my cloches.

The real fun begins when you start customizing and experimenting with cloche decorating. Seriously, the possibilities are endless! You can personalize and express your creativity to the max, making each display completely unique and personal to you. So go ahead, let your imagination run wild and create something truly magical with those glass cloches!

Types of Glass Cloches

Glass cloches are popularly used to protect plants from frost and cold weather. Recently, they have become a popular decorative choice due to their versatility and elegant appearance. 

There are a few common types of glass cloches that cater to different purposes and preferences.

Glass Dome Cloche: These cloches are usually bell-shaped, resembling a dome, and are often used to display decorative items such as candles, figurines, or plants. 

Additionally, glass dome cloches provide a unique way to present food items at parties or events while protecting them from dust and insects. They come in various sizes and designs to suit different aesthetic tastes.

Bell Jar Glass Cloche: Bell jar cloches are similar in shape to glass dome cloches but have a more rounded form and may have a knob or handle on top. Traditionally used in scientific laboratories, they have gained popularity in home décor for their timeless, classic appeal. 

Bell jar cloches are ideal for showcasing and preserving delicate items like antique books or cherished keepsakes.

Terrarium Glass Cloche: These cloches serve as miniature greenhouses, designed specifically for housing small plants or creating a tiny ecosystem. Terrarium glass cloches are available in different shapes, such as round, square, or even pyramid, and may even include a small opening for air circulation. 

This type of cloche is perfect for indoor gardening enthusiasts who want to grow plants in a controlled environment.

Glass Cloche with Base: Some glass cloches come with an attached base, making them easy to style and ensuring stability. Depending on the design and desired look, the base can be made of wood, metal, or ceramic. 

This type of glass cloche adds an extra layer of sophistication to your décor and is often used for more formal settings.

Glass cloches offer various options for decorating and displaying items within a contemporary or vintage-inspired home. 

Whether you choose a simple glass dome cloche, a classic bell jar, a functional terrarium, or one with a stylish base, you can confidently use these elegant pieces to elevate your interior décor while showcasing your prized possessions.

glass terrarium on mantel

Popular Glass Cloche Uses

Glass cloches offer so many ways to display items and protect plants in both home and garden settings. These domed glass covers can be used for various purposes, adding elegance and sophistication to any space. Let me share just a few!

Home Decorating

In home decor, glass cloches are often used as stylish display cases for cherished items. As three-dimensional picture frames, they allow for the creative presentation of keepsakes or collectibles. 

For instance, placing a small figurine, vintage book, or delicate porcelain under a cloche adds an artistic touch to a room. Additionally, cloches can be used to showcase seasonal decorations, such as holiday ornaments or miniature pumpkins.

Creating dried flower arrangements is another popular application for glass cloches in home decorating. By carefully selecting and arranging dried blooms under a cloche, long-lasting and beautiful displays can be made with minimal effort. See how easy it is to dry lavender in my previous post, which would look stunning under a cloche!

Even adding fairy lights, within the cloche adds a whimsical and warm ambiance to any space. I easily added fairy lights to my DIY Nativity Centerpiece that you see below.

glass cloche with fairy lights and nativity

Garden Displays

Initially designed as mini greenhouses to protect seedlings and small plants, glass cloches have evolved into fashionable garden decor. They can be used to create micro-terrariums, housing a small ecosystem of plants and decorative elements like figurines, rocks, or moss. 

These miniature landscapes within a cloche can serve as a stunning centerpiece or a unique gift for gardening enthusiasts.

Glass cloches also serve practical purposes in the garden, such as their original function of protecting fragile plants from frost or pests. Gardeners place the cloche over seedlings to provide a nurturing environment and maintain consistent humidity and temperature, allowing the plants to thrive.

Glass cloches offer countless decorating possibilities, from elegant home displays to practical garden uses. Their versatility and timeless design make them a worthwhile addition to any home or garden decoration plan.

how to decorate with glass cloches outdoors

Decorating Ideas for Glass Cloches

Glass cloches are versatile and visually appealing items for home decor. They can be used to showcase special items, art pieces, and even small plants. Here are some creative ideas for decorating with glass cloches.

One popular way to use cloches in your decor is to create a vintage-inspired vignette. Place antique books, vintage photos, or small trinkets under a glass cloche on a wooden tray or table surface. 

The glass will protect and accentuate these items, giving them a nostalgic and elegant touch.

Another idea is to incorporate plants or flowers into your glass cloche decor. Tiny succulents, air plants, or dried flowers can be placed inside the glass dome, creating a charming miniature greenhouse effect. 

This is a great way to add a touch of nature indoors while keeping the plants safe from pets or playful children.

Decorating with a glass cloche on a coastal table for summer with a lamp

For a festive touch, consider seasonal decorations with glass cloches. Fill your cloche with appropriate items, such as ornaments, pine cones, or Easter eggs, during holidays or special occasions. 

This can be a creative and visually striking dining table or mantel centerpiece.

Glass cloches can also be used to enhance everyday objects, transforming ordinary items into unique decor pieces. Some examples include placing a small clock, a decorative plate, or a sculpture under the dome. 

The glass will draw attention to these items, making them stand out in your room.

Finally, don’t be afraid to experiment with different sizes, shapes, and styles of glass cloches. Mixing and matching various cloches can create an intriguing display, especially when filled with a variety of decorative objects. 

This can add depth and interest to your home, making it both stylish and personalized.

With these decorating ideas in mind, you can confidently and creatively incorporate glass cloches into your home decor, giving your space a fresh and unique touch while showcasing your favorite items.

Styling Glass Cloches in Different Spaces

Glass cloches are a versatile and elegant way to showcase various decorative items. They can be used in various spaces, with different displays and arrangements, to create focal points or add a touch of sophistication. 

This section will focus on two popular ways to use glass cloches: tabletop displays and shelf arrangements.

Tabletop Displays

To create an impressive tabletop display using a glass cloche, consider placing it on a flat surface such as a table, sideboard, or mantel. It’s essential to choose a suitable base for the cloche, which can include:

  • A woven placemat or flat basket
  • A stack of books
  • A round wooden tree slice
  • A wooden bowl
  • A bread board or charcuterie board

When positioning items inside the cloche, think of it as a three-dimensional picture frame, displaying aesthetically pleasing and meaningful items. Some ideas for displaying under a cloche include:

  • A small potted plant or succulent
  • Delicate, organic matter such as dried flowers or feathers
  • A cherished ornament or figurine
  • A seashell or other natural treasures
  • Tea cups or plates
  • Anything that will fit!

One fundamental trick to styling a glass cloche on a table is arranging other complementary items around it. To create an eye-catching centerpiece, you can surround the cloche with candles, plants, or other decorative objects.

I chose flowers from my garden. My zinnias!

decorating with glass cloches
Currently on my kitchen counter!

Shelf Arrangements

Glass cloches can be just as effectively used on shelves to create an interesting visual effect. Some tips for styling a cloche on a shelf include:

  1. Layering: Combine cloches of different sizes or shapes to create a layered effect. Place one or more smaller cloches on top of a larger cloche to add depth and interest.
  2. Balance: Ensure there’s a balance between the cloche and the surrounding items. If the cloche is large and dominant, consider placing a tall or equally striking object on the opposite side of the shelf for symmetry.
  3. Themed displays: Maintain a theme within the shelf arrangement. For example, if your cloche contains a cluster of seashells, you may want to include other coastal or nautical elements on the shelf.
  4. Negative space: Allow some negative space around the cloche, especially if the enclosed items are intricate or detailed. This helps draw attention to the cloche and prevents the shelf from appearing cluttered.

Overall, the key to decorating with glass cloches is to approach it with creativity and thoughtfulness. 

By carefully selecting and arranging objects within and around the cloche, you can create stunning displays that showcase your personal style and elevate your space.

Just like the picture below of the glass cloche my mom created for her coffee table. Isn’t it beautiful?

Decorating with glass cloches at my mom's house
My mom’s beautiful glass cloche on her coffee table!

Creative Ways to Use Glass Cloches

Glass cloches are a versatile and stylish addition to home decor. With their unique shape and transparency, they can elevate the overall aesthetic of any space. Here are some creative ways to incorporate glass cloches into your decorating style.

One popular way to use glass cloches is to create miniature displays or vignettes. Place small, eye-catching items like figurines, vintage memorabilia, or collectibles under the dome to create a focal point on a shelf or coffee table. 

The cloche serves as a protective cover while showcasing your prized possessions, giving them an air of sophistication.

Incorporating natural elements is another creative use for glass cloches. Show off your green thumb by placing terrariums, succulents, or mini potted plants beneath a cloche. Or use a nest like my mom did seen in the picture above. Natural elements from nature are always at the top of my list!

This not only adds a touch of liveliness to your home but also emulates the cloche’s original purpose – protecting plants from harsh weather conditions. 

For a seasonal twist, arrange dried flowers or seasonal items, such as pine cones, under the cloche to create a harmonious arrangement reflecting the time of year.

Glass cloches can also bring elegance to your dining table. Use them to cover appetizing treats or as a unique centerpiece. A stylish way to do this is by placing a beautiful cake or a selection of artisanal cheeses under the dome, making them both practical and attractive. At Christmas we always have Jesus’s birthday cake on a glass covered cake stand!

Additionally, you can group various-sized cloches with different fillings to create an enchanting tablescape that will impress your guests.

coastal inspired glass cloche for decor on dresser top

Lastly, consider using cloches to display functional items in a fashionable way. Whether it’s placing your delicate perfume bottles, vintage jewelry, or intricate stationery items under a glass dome, cloches can elevate everyday objects to a level of sophistication. 

By incorporating them into your decor in this manner, you not only showcase your personal style but also make the glass cloche an essential part of your daily life. Nothing is off limits.

Incorporating glass cloches into your home decor can transform everyday items into showpieces. By experimenting with different ways and styles, you can find the perfect way to use glass cloches to elevate the look of your living space.

Seasonal Decorating with Glass Cloches

Glass cloches offer a versatile and elegant option for seasonal home decorating. They can be easily updated and adapted to suit any occasion. In this section, we’ll focus on using glass cloches for Christmas displays, providing a festive touch to your home.

Christmas Displays

During the holiday season, glass cloches can be used to create stunning Christmas displays. I LOVE doing this!

They can showcase various items that reflect the spirit of the season while keeping them protected and dust-free. Here are a few ideas to consider:

  1. Ornament Showcase: Place cherished Christmas ornaments, vintage baubles, or even a small collection of ornaments inside a glass cloche. This not only protects delicate items but also creates a beautiful, eye-catching display.
  1. Festive Figurines: Position miniature Christmas-themed figurines such as snowmen, reindeer, or nativity scenes under a glass cloche. This creates a delightful, visually appealing focal point for your holiday decorations.
  1. Snowy Scenes: Craft a winter wonderland by arranging small, snow-dusted trees, faux-snow, and other wintery elements inside a glass cloche. You can also add fairy lights for a magical touch, creating a warm and cozy atmosphere.
  1. Candle Arrangements: Place a festive candle inside a glass cloche, perhaps scented with seasonal fragrances like cinnamon or pine. Surround the candle with pinecones, berries, or small ornaments for a stylish and aromatic holiday display.

Experiment with different base options to make the most of your glass cloche Christmas display. Wooden rounds, flat baskets, or even stacked books can add height and variety to your display, enhancing its visual appeal.

Remember to handle your glass cloche with care, cleaning and storing it properly when not in use. This will ensure that your seasonal decorating remains elegant and captivating for years to come.

DIY Nativity Centerpiece perfect for Christmas
Our mini chalk nativity set is perfect under a glass cloche with some fairy lights and a mini Bible!

Curating Your Favorite Glass Cloche Collection

A stunning glass cloche collection can elevate any space, showcasing your favorite items while adding sophistication and charm to your home. 

Confidently curating a beautiful assortment of glass cloches begins with understanding how to highlight diverse pieces and your personal style effectively.

Shopping for the perfect glass cloches involves considering size, shape, and aesthetic appeal. Start by visiting your favorite home decor websites, boutiques, or antique shops to explore various options. I have even found them at thrift stores!

Keep an eye out for unique designs, such as vintage bell jars or domed cloches, which can serve as conversation starters and enhance your collection.

When selecting items to place under your glass cloches, consider choosing pieces that hold sentimental or aesthetic value. These can range from cherished family heirlooms to beautiful seashells collected on a memorable beach vacation. 

Green dresser with a glass cloche for deocr
Seashells from our Florida trip displayed under my favorite glass cloche.

The key is to balance the visual harmony of your collection with an array of objects that evoke emotion and personal connection.

Consider grouping your glass cloches by theme, size, or color to create a cohesive and visually appealing display. For example, if you have a collection of seashells, you can sort them by type or size under separate cloches or create a stunning assortment of diverse shells in a larger cloche. 

Similarly, combining various sizes of cloches can add depth and interest to your display, while an arrangement of cloches with different colors or materials can provide an intriguing contrast.

Utilize different levels when placing your glass cloches, such as setting some on top of books, pedestals, or cake stands, to add visual interest and create an engaging focal point for your room. 

Enhancing your display with lighting, such as surrounding the cloches with fairy lights or placing candles nearby, can create a warm ambiance that highlights the beauty of your collection.

With a clear, knowledgeable approach to shopping and curating your favorite glass cloche display, you can confidently craft a visually stunning arrangement that reflects your personal taste and adds elegance to your home.

Caring for Your Glass Cloches

Caring for glass cloches is essential to maintain their appearance and ensure their longevity. Glass cloches, also known as glass dome covers, provide an elegant way to display decorative items, protect delicate plants, or showcase food. 

Proper care and storage are essential in preserving the integrity and shine of these delicate items.

When cleaning your glass cloches, it’s best to use a soft, lint-free cloth to wipe the surface gently. Avoid using abrasive cleaning materials, as they may scratch the surface of the glass. 

For stubborn dirt or residue, mix mild dish soap with water and lightly dampen the cloth before wiping the cloche. Make sure to dry the glass thoroughly to prevent streaks and water spots.

Glass cloches should be stored in a safe, dry place when not in use. Place them on a stable, flat surface away from the edges of shelves or countertops to prevent accidental falls. 

If possible, surround the cloche with a protective cushion or padding to protect it from other items in storage.

Although heavy, glass cloches can be susceptible to breakage or damage from temperature fluctuations. Avoid placing them in direct sunlight or near heat sources such as ovens, fireplaces, or heating vents to prevent cracks or fractures. 

Additionally, if using glass cloches to protect plants, ensure a steady, consistent temperature to avoid sudden changes that may harm the plant or damage the glass.

All this to say, proper care for glass cloches involves gentle cleaning, safe storage, and protecting them from extreme temperatures is important. Following these guidelines will help preserve the beauty and functionality of your glass dome covers, allowing you to enjoy their elegant charm for years to come.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I display under a glass cloche?

There are numerous options for displaying items under a glass cloche. Some common choices include decorative items, such as faux flowers, vintage teacups, or small figurines. My favorite is sea shells!

You can also display natural elements like plants, succulents, or dried flowers. The key is to use items that will be visually captivating and match the overall design theme of your space.

How can I incorporate a coastal style using cloches?

To incorporate a coastal style using cloches, you can bring a touch of seaside charm to your decor. Start by selecting cloches in materials that evoke a coastal feel, such as clear glass or weathered wood. Inside the cloches, showcase coastal-inspired elements like seashells, starfish, coral, or even small pieces of driftwood.

You can also incorporate elements of the beach by using sand or pebbles as a base for your cloche displays. Additionally, consider adding a pop of blue or turquoise through decorative accents like sea glass or ceramic sea creatures. This will add a refreshing coastal color palette to your space. By incorporating these coastal elements into your cloche displays, you’ll infuse your home with a relaxed, seaside ambiance.

glass cloche over sea shells and book

How can I incorporate a farmhouse style using cloches?

Incorporating a farmhouse style using cloches can be achieved by using rustic or vintage-inspired items in your displays. 

Consider incorporating wooden elements, such as a wooden tree round or placing the cloche on a stack of old books. You could also display wooden farmhouse-style beads or use a wooden bowl as a base. 

In addition, using a combination of natural materials like flowers, greenery, or moss can enhance the farmhouse aesthetic.

What items can be displayed in mini cloches?

Mini cloches are perfect for displaying smaller items and can be used to create visually interesting vignettes. Some items that can be displayed in mini cloches include small potted plants, succulents, delicate figurines, small candles, or decorative objects like small stones or shells. 

The key is to choose items that will not overwhelm the miniature cloche and will contribute to a cohesive display.

How can I utilize a glass cloche with a base?

A glass cloche with a base provides an excellent foundation for creating a stable and elevated display. Glass cloche bases can be found in various materials, such as wood, metal, or ceramics. 

You can use a base to create a layered look by placing it on top of a flat surface like a cake stand, tray, or cutting board. Alternatively, you can implement the base to add height variation to your display, potentially creating a more visually interesting arrangement.

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Decorating with Glass Cloches

Decorating with glass cloches is a way to get creative when displaying your collections or everyday items. Remember to have fun and try a glass cloche in your decor today. I promise it will quickly become a favorite of yours!

I’d love to have you hang out with me some more! Feel free to follow along with me on any of the platforms linked below.

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