Decorating with Vintage Flower Frogs


Decorating with vintage flower frogs is a great way to add a touch of personality to your home. These charming little frogs have been used for centuries to hold flowers in place, and they make a beautiful addition to any room. There are many different styles and designs of vintage flower frogs available, so you can find the perfect one for your home. Whether you’re looking for something traditional or whimsical, there’s sure to be a frog that will fit your style. So add some personality to your décor with these adorable little frogs!

Decorating with Vintage Flower Frogs

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Today I am joining the ladies from Thrifting With The Gals! If you are coming over from Rachel at The Ponds Farmhouse and her post about Christmas at The French Farmers Wife, welcome! You can visit the rest of the gals, Robyn’s French Nest, Dabbling and Decorating and White Arrows Home’s post at the end of mine.

While out thrifting recently I found some vintage flower frogs to add to my collection. After sharing them over on Instagram and Facebook I had several people reach out to me and ask about them. So today is the day!

Price tag on the bottom of flower frog

What is a Vintage Flower Frog?

First before I get in to how I have been decorating with vintage flower frogs let me answer the question a few of you might have, what even is a vintage flower frog?

A flower frog is a tool that florists have used for years to hold flowers and their stems in place. They were designed to sit in the bottoms of bowls, planters or vases filled with water. A flower frog helps keep flower arrangements upright and arranged how you want. They are a very helpful tool especially if you love creating flower arrangements!

a stack of metal  vintage flower frogs
a stack of metal vintage flower frogs

My favorite variety to collect are the metal vintage flower frogs. Let’s take a peek!

Decorating With Vintage Frogs

Oh goodness do I love decorating with vintage flowers frogs! I’m sure you have figured out by now that I don’t just use these little beauties for flower arrangements. I love to use them all over our home and in unexpected ways and places.

If you saw my post recently about natural and simple decorating ideas for fall, then you saw that I used flower frogs on our mantel to hold some greenery. This simple tool has so many uses and I love taking an item and giving it new life in a use other than what it was intended for.

Natural greenery on mantel
A vintage metal flower frog holding greenery on our fall mantel.

You can also find these little guys scattered around my home as decorative accents. Over on a table in our entry that I have books piled on I gathered a few flower frogs in varying sizes and stuck some of my dried zinnias on them. It was unexpected and yet so beautiful in it’s simplicity.

Decorating with vintage flower frogs and dried flowers

I also added some of my live zinnias to a few vintage flower frogs as well. I set them in the terrarium below and the bowl below. See more about my zinnias HERE!

In the past I have used them at Christmas and Easter to hold up vintage postcards or even art prints. They make the perfect stand! How cute do they look on my table as place card holders?

place card propped in vintage flower frog on plate

How to Use Vintage Flower Frogs

There are many types of uses for vintage flower frogs! Here are just a few uses and decorating ideas for the metal variety (which I have an affinity for)!

  • To hold a flower arrangement in place.
  • To hold a recipe card on a counter.
  • Prop up some art in the metal flower frogs.
  • Add some greenery to display around your home.
  • Stack a bunch from largest to smallest to create a tree like form. (Love this at Christmas!)
  • Use them on a table to hold up a place setting card.
  • Stick a photo in one to display in your home.
  • Gather your collection in a decorative bowl and set it out as decoration.
  • Be creative! How would you use a vintage flower frog?
Recipe card in flower frog stand

What Types of Vintage Frogs Are There?

Vintage flower frogs – also called floral arranging frogs – were used to hold flowers in place. Flower frogs typically have a series of holes or depressions in which stems can be inserted. The metal ones have spikes on them which are used to hold up the stems of flowers or branches.

A variety of vintage flower frogs
Image Source: Martha Stewart

Vintage flower frogs can be made from a variety of materials, including glass, metal, ceramic, and even wood. Some vintage flower frogs are very rare and valuable, while others can be found relatively easily and inexpensively. Whether you’re a serious collector or simply looking for a unique way to display your flowers or decor, vintage flower frogs make an excellent addition to any household.

Where Can I Find or Buy Vintage Flower Frogs?

The thrill of the hunt is what I enjoy most when looking for flower frogs. I typically hunt or thrift for the metal variety. These collectibles tend to range anywhere from $8-$25. But some of the rare ones can go for way more than that. That’s why I tend to stick with the metal variety.

Have you ever seen a flower frog before? They are quite charming, aren’t they? But watch out they are sharp little buggers!

These vintage decorating accessories can be used in all sorts of ways to add personality and interest to your home. You can find them at flea markets, estate sales, or even online like on Etsy.

Flower frog and vintage books
I spotted this flower frog at A & J antiques last week!

If you don’t have any luck finding them in your area, there are plenty of places to buy them online. But another trick I like to use is asking friends and family who live in different areas than myself to help me hunt for them. ( I have done this with pews too!) Sometimes other people have better luck when you feel like you have exhausted all of your outlets. Plus, its fun to offer to help them hunt for what they are searching for too! A win win, right?

Flower frogs come in all shapes and sizes, so it’s easy to find the perfect one for your needs. I prefer the metal ones but often see a variety when I am out looking. I love using them in simple arrangements like this one here. What about you? How would you use a flower frog in your decor?

Shop New and Vintage Flower Frogs

Below I have rounded up some flower frogs that you can shop online. Just scroll through and tap the picture of the ones that catch your eye! Some are vintage and some are new. Make sure to pay attention to the listing!

Why Do People Collect Vintage Flower Frogs?

Collecting vintage flower frogs is just a fun way to add a piece of the past into your decor. I love having pieces in my home that tell a story or spark conversation. And these little guys often do because a lot of people have never seen them!

Whether you’re looking to add a touch of vintage flair to your décor or are simply on the hunt for a unique and stylish way to display your flowers, vintage flower frogs make the perfect choice!

dried flower in vintage flower from display

These charming little pieces come in all shapes and sizes, and can be easily incorporated into just about any style of home décor. Plus, they add a bit of nature’s beauty to any setting. And I have heard that some of the rare vintage ones can be worth quite a bit of money! So if you’re looking for a creative way to dress up your space, take a look at these beautiful vintage flower frogs!

Decorating With Vintage Flower Frogs

Vintage flower frogs are the perfect way to add a touch of personality to your decor. They come in all shapes and sizes, and can be found online or at flea markets and antique stores. Use them to hold flowers in an arrangement, or place them on a shelf as a unique decoration. Have a convinced you yet that you need some in your life? How would you use a vintage flower frog in your next decorating project? Leave me a comment below!

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Decorating with Vintage Flower Frogs

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  1. Kelly,
    I loved all your ideas for decorating with flower frogs. I love that you stacked them. I have several but would love to make a stack like yours. I’ll be looking today at the French Farmer’s Wife sale. Thanks so much for joining us this month.

  2. Oh my gosh Kelly I loved this post! All the creative ways to decorate with the frogs was fabulous. I loved how you stacked them too. Priceless pieces!

  3. You have some really special ones, Kelly! Love these ideas for using them. Last year, I used mine to hold our Christmas card under a cloche; that was kind of fun!

  4. What fun! You have some really special ones! Last year, I used mine to hold our Christmas card under a cloche; it was kind of fun to use that way!

  5. Kelly, I love that you used them to dry your flowers. Such a great idea. I just love collecting them too. They remind me of my childhood and my grandmother. My favorite way to use it is to hold vintage photos.

  6. I like this so much that I immediately grabbed my flower frogs and copied it using some dried roses I had on hand.

  7. I wish I had more vintage flower frogs, but alas, I only have one… And I got it in CO when we visited! 😉 Thanks for sharing at Tuesday Turn About! Pinned, and I’m happy to be featuring your post this week!

  8. Those are some really nice flower frogs. I have 2 glass ones from my grandmother and I’m going to be 66 in 14 days. And great job of decorating with them, loved it.

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