How To Decorate Your Front Steps For Fall

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I am always up for a challenge and my latest one was figuring out how to decorate our front steps for Fall!

Our new house doesn’t have a porch, instead it has two gorgeous stone steps. So I had to get a bit creative with my outdoor Fall decor this year.

And I wasn’t the least bit upset about it.

How to decorate your front steps for Fall!

Ready For Fall Home Tour

Hi, I’m Kelly! Today I am thrilled to be joining Vicki and Jenn from 2 Bees in A Pod who are hosting the Ready For Fall Home Tour! I love Fall home tour season and this group of ladies has some gorgeous inspiration for you today. If you are coming over from Christy of Our Southern Home and her gorgeous kitchen, welcome! I adore her style! My hope is that I can share a bit of my own Fall style with you all and that you and I can hang out some more!

Ready For Fall Home Tours: Inspiration for inside and out!

How To Decorate Your Front Steps For Fall

Our front yard and front door are what initially drew me to this house. I adore the charm and character and the moody feel that our Peppercorn paint color exudes. It has a modern, colonial, salt box vibe that I wanted to play into for Fall decor this year and I quite honestly have been dreaming and scheming of what to do for quite awhile now.

Our front steps and wood door decorated for Fall.

Here is a peek into my thought process

1. Designate Your Space

Outdoor Fall decorating ideas don’t need to be complicated and you don’t need to worry if your outdoor space is small. When it comes to figuring out how to decorate your steps for Fall my first piece of advice is to think beyond the steps.

A brick path leads you to our wood door and front steps decorated for Fall.

Not only did I go up, (see the pumpkins above our door), but I went out too!

I decided to create two separate spaces on each side of the steps. One is a seating area and one is more of a decorative area. This enables me to do more than just decorate the two steps. I chose to keep the steps simple with two faux pumpkins on the lower stair and one , yet to bloom mum on the top stair.

White bistro chairs and mums extend our steps allowing for even more Fall decor in this space.

This let my door shine and allowed for more space for decorating.

Extending the area around your steps allow for additional Fall decorating space.

The seating area is curtesy of my mother. She brought over her darling white bistro chairs for me to use since she knew I was looking for contrast for my Fall outdoor decorating. And goodness gracious was I glad she did! Isn’t this little seating area just the cutest? It’s not huge but the impact sure is!

White mums, white pumpkins and white bistro chairs pop against our Peppercorn painted house.
Mini white baby boo pumpkin and white mums for Fall on our front steps.

2.Choose Your Color Scheme

When it comes to decorating your steps or your porch for Fall, a color scheme can be very helpful. I wanted to add some high contrast elements with our dark house so I chose all white mums and all white pumpkins. The monochromatic looks gives me all the feels!

Fall on the steps of our house include mums, copper pots, pinecones, lanterns and candles.

Plus, the mixture of terracotta pots, green pots, wood and copper pots adds the extra color that gives your eye more to look at than just the white flowers and pumpkins.

Also, did you notice that our outdoor light, mail slot and doorbell are all copper? You can see them a bit better in my front yard tour if you are curious. Funny enough I didn’t notice this until a week after we moved in. Ha! But once I did I knew that copper needed to play a large role in my fall steps this year.

How to decorate your dark house and small stepsfor Fall.

Of course I shared this with my mom and she was gracious enough to let me borrow her copper flower pot and stand. It looks beautiful between her white bistro chairs doesn’t it?

I also had an old copper boiler pot that I haven’t used in years and I brought that out. I’m thinking I might DIY some copper lanterns too. Because have you seen the price of copper anything lately? Yikes it’s crazy expensive and this mama just bought a new house which means she is on a budget!

Moody and romantic Fall decor for our small steps.

Anyways, I am loving the moody and romantic feel of our Fall steps! It has a mixture of modern and traditional that I adore.

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3. Incorporate Natural Elements

I absolutely LOVE using natural elements for Fall decor! My number one go to for my outdoor Fall decor is always pinecones. Luckily, here in our new backyard we have several mature pine trees that drop a ton of pinecones. So all I had to do was gather some up and that was a huge win for keeping my Fall outdoor space budget friendly.

Large black lantern full of pincones and battery operated candles exudes Fall charm!

I filled the large black lantern base with pinecones as well as one of my flower pots. Simple touches like these can sometimes make the largest impact!

For the wreath on our door I used the same dried floral wreath I created last year. I love DIY Fall decorations for outdoors! Do you remember my sweater flower pot covers?

Fall steps with contrasting decor lead to a charming entrance.

Hanging a wreath on your door brings your eye up and adds a bit of the natural Fall feel to our gorgeous wooden door.

4. Stick To Your Budget

When it comes to seasonal decor I will be the first to admit that I have way too much! I have found that making a point to set a budget for myself before I start decorating helps keep me on track. This also allows for me to get creative once that budget is spent.

White faux pumpkins are a staple in my Fall porch decor.

I’ve been decorating for Fall for many years now and every year I use pumpkins. So the faux pumpkins I used on our steps are ones that I have had for quite some time now. I chose to invest in them and they have served me well year after year. Also, the white mini pumpkins above our door are ceramic and from the Target dollar bins from several years ago as well.

white pumpkins and mums

This year my budget was spent on the white mums. I spent a total of $40 dollars thanks to Walmart having their fabulous prices once again. Now my job is to make sure I keep them alive. I have learned that watering them at their base, under the flower canopy, is the preferred method!

5. Shop Your House And Your Mom’s

Ok, this one is my saving grace! I am blessed to live near my mom and my sister and we all love to share each other’s decor. This helps keep things fresh as well as keeps the budget in check .

My mom, aka decorating buddy, brought over the giant black lantern from her house and my sister has the matching one at her house. They were actually used for my sister’s wedding! I love how huge it is and like I mentioned above, she brought over her chairs and copper planter too.

Our annablee hydrangeas add some great natural Fall decor!

I shopped my house for items like the battery operated candles and the wooden planter I turned over to make into a table. Of course the pumpkins and wreath were other items that I already had on hand!

How to decorate your front steps for Fall on a budget!

Finally, I couldn’t resist adding this darling little pinecone wreath to our wooden gate. I scored it on major sale last year from Target after Christmas. I think it will transition into winter nicely. It gives off a romantic feel that I am loving for Fall this year.

How To Decorate Your Front Steps or Stairs For Fall

So whether you have a small porch, steps or stairs, decorating them for Fall doesn’t have to be hard . Hopefully I was able to give you a peek into my thought process on how to decorate your front steps for Fall and give you some ideas for your own spaces. If you enjoyed your time here today I would love for you to subscribe to the blog so we can hang out some more! You can also follow me over on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest!

Fall on our steps!

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5 helpful tips on how to decorate your front steps for Fall while staying on a budget!

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  1. What a great front entry, Kelly! I’ve always wanted a ledge like that above my front door just so that I can put pumpkins on it. LOL You did a really great job of decorating your entry. Your tips are spot-on, but I especially loved the one where you said, “shop your house and your moms”. Too funny! Hope you’re enjoying your new place and I look forward to seeing what you do there.

  2. I love your front porch decor! How cute are those bistro chairs?! It is amazing that you only spent $40 to get this look. Well done, friend!! It’s gorgeous!! 💛🍁

  3. Kelly, your new home is gorgeous and I love the contrast you created with the white fall decor! Those pumpkins over the door are adorable, and the copper is the perfect accent!

  4. The hydrangeas are to swoon over! Love your outdoor space for fall. You picked my favorite color to decorate with for the fall outside. White pumpkins and white flowers. Thats what I am planning to do for my front porch. Thanks for the inspiration.

  5. Very pretty Kelly. We aren’t even close to putting fall pkants outside. It’s still to warm

    You new yard looks pretty. Love tge wreath hanging on your gate.

    That will be fun changing for tge seasons

  6. The exterior of your home is so beautiful. I really love the color. It looks like it was made for the fall season. The mums and pumpkins look fabulous against the backdrop. The baby pumpkins above the door are the perfect touch!

  7. Your new house is beautiful! I love your fall touches and the lantern just makes your front area warm and inviting. Such a joy being on this tour with you!

  8. Oh, Kd!!y, you knocked it out of the park on this one!
    Enjoy your every post on email.
    The white works well. Hope your Mom has lent you the white set for long term.
    So like the pumpkins above the door and the LEDGE.
    Is it wide enough to hold a pineapple at Christmas?
    Enjoy your family and new home!

  9. Kelly I love your “moody” color! And yes! The white is a perfect contrast and compliment. I have to remember “dreaming and scheming”. That’s what decor is all about. Love your entry.

  10. Oh, Kelly, your home is lovely. I really like the ledge over the door. Hope it is wide enough to hold a pineapple for Christmas.

    Tell me about the blue paint, inside and out. Details please.

    What song is framed in the framing? Where could I purchase this sheet music framing?
    I It is very different and lovely.

    Be well.

    1. Thank you so much Nan! Isn’t the ledge fun? I can’t wait to decorate it for all the seasons! Not sure it is wide enough for a pineapple though.

      The outside of the house is Peppercorn by Sherwin Williams and the kitchen is Distance by Sherwin Williams. Al painted before we moved in!

      I’m not sure what sheet music you are referring to? Is it the amazing Grace one I had in my last home? Let me know which one you are referring to and I will get you the info. Have a great day!

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