Half Bath Makeover Plans and Mood Boards


These half bath makeover plans and mood boards will inspire you with sources, images and ideas for your next small bathroom makeover.

Half Bath Makeover Plans and Mood Boards

Yes friends the title is true! We are currently in the works of creating half bath makeover plans and mood boards for our downstairs bathroom. Well, technically I am creating those plans and I will have my hubby sign off on them before I move forward! 

Half Bath Mood Boards

Here are the mood boards I have created for our downstairs tiny bathroom. If you have followed me here on the Tattered Pew for awhile you know that I have been decorating and adding charm to our builder grade home as our budget allows. Well, I am finally ready to tackle our downstairs half bath.

Half bath makeover plans and mood boards!Now let me warn you.

This will be a multi step process so I want you to consider this post as, Part 1: my plans and vision!

Here is what our bathroom currently looks like.

The Current Half Bath Situation

the BEFORE of our half bath


I apologize for the not so great picture. Since it’s such a small space it is hard to get a good picture. But just remember, it’s super small and super boring! This bathroom sits directly off of our garage entry. It has all the original builder grade finishes including the paint. The only thing I have added was a new (old) mirror which was done over 10 years ago. She is tired and it’s time she gets a bit of a facelift.

the BEFORE of our downstairs half bath

Especially since she is the bathroom used by our visitors!

The Inspiration Behind My Mood Boards

For this half bath makeover I have been scouring Pinterest, Instagram and several of my favorite blogs for inspiration. It has been so much fun!

Lately I have been loving two colors together.  The combination of light blue and black has stolen my heart. I fell in love with this bathroom color combo from my friend Jen of Rambling Renovators. Her light blue walls and black accents had me swooning!

Bathroom Inspiration from Jen at Rambling Renovators
Image Source : Rambling Renovators


Wallpaper Inspiration

The moment I saw this wallpaper from Serena and Lily on my friend Molly In Maine’s Instagram feed, I was determined to find a space for it! I’m a sucker for blue and the mixture of blues in this wallpaper are the perfect combo!

So I figured why not try it in my own bathroom? I know how to wallpaper since I did it in my bedroom! With our half bath being so small and having no windows I feel like a  bold pattern in just what it needs.

Molly In Maine from Instagram's gorgeous bathroom inspiration!
Image Source : @MollyInMaine on Instagram

Floor Inspiration

On to the floors.

My biggest nemesis. Here is a close up. Yikes, right?!

Our awful tile floors...the before!

I literally have removed this red tile from everywhere else in our home because it’s just not me. We need new floors but new floors usually equal a lot of money. So I am looking at some options as I try to keep this makeover budget friendly! 

Currently I am torn between two flooring options. The first option is for me to paint the current tile we have in a black and white harlequin pattern. Of course I wish I could use real tile but that’s not in the budget. I was inspired by Wildflower Home Blog and her beautifully painted kitchen floors. She shared a great tutorial!

Wildflower Home Blog has the most beautiful harlequin pattern floors!
Image Source : Wildflower Home Blog

The second floor option is to add a brick floor. My sister has been talking about doing these in her mudroom for years and she found a great tutorial on Carla’s Coastal Creations blog

 Now this would not be a full brick floor but rather a thin brick. Home Depot carries these and they are gorgeous. The good news is that I could add them directly on top of my existing tile simply by using adhesive since they are so thin! My kind of DIY!

In love with these floors from Amber of Follow The Yellow Brick Home!
Image Source : Follow The Yellow Brick Home

Our Half Bath Makeover Plans

Ok, now on to my plans! So the first thing I plan to do for our half bath is give it a little refresh. The plan is to simply add new towels, towel bars, a mirror, and spray paint the existing light black. All doable things in a day! The wallpaper I will save for another weekend probably when I am out of school for the summer.

I am SO excited to share our Half Bath Makeover Plans and Mood Boards


Shop My Half Bath Makeover Plans

Half Bath Makeover Dreams

The mood board below is my dream board! It includes a new vanity, new lights, and the brick floors. This is a down the road dream but I couldn’t help switching a few things out to see how they would look in the mood board! All items that aren’t necessary so will be added as we save our money. If the floors do happen it will be in a few months when I am on summer break from teaching. Those babies are going to require a lot of time.

Half Bath Makeover Plans and Mood Boards and dreams too!


Shop This Dream Mood Board


Making These Come To Life

Now my job is to make mood board number one come to life and then save, save, save to accomplish the remaining pieces. I will be sharing my progress with you next week and I am so excited! There is just something so magical about a makeover and especially one you do on your own! 

So what do you think? Both the mood boards are pretty similar but what floors would you go with? Black and white harlequin, or brick? Leave your vote in the comments below!



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  1. Kelly!! I love the wallpaper!!! In the inspo image you found from Molly in Maine I see the brick floors, but then I remembered your vanity selection is black not a natural wood tone…..Ahhhhh!! This is hard Kelly! I love the vintage and old-world feel of brick SO much, but I’ve also admired Marynn’s floors too!

    I’m closing my eyes and pulling a stick because you have created such a beautiful design I don’t think you can make a wrong choice!!

    Brick! I pulled Brick! Can’t wait to see what you select Kelly! It’s going to be gorgeous!

    1. Oh my gosh you are making me laugh SO hard! I just love your encouragement and how I can hear your voice! Brick seems to be the overwhelming answer …I’m so nervous. Now I have to see if I can even afford those darn bricks! Ha!

  2. Now, I see why you are torn! Both options would look amazing. When you mentioned brick floors on IG, Amber’s gorgeous floors came to mind so I smiled when I saw them as your inspiration! I’m so excited to see that wallpaper in there too. It’s one of my favorites and every time I see it, I try to think of somewhere I could use it in my home. So, here are my thoughts on the floor. If you still can’t decide, maybe try the paint option. If you live with it for awhile and decide it’s still not right, you could always add the brick over the top… Either way, I don’t think you could go wrong. Both plans are gorgeous!

  3. I like the black and white tile. Has been around forever and never goes out of style.

  4. I love the brick but I am concerned about the transition to your existing floors. They are thin but not that thin.

  5. Love your mood board! I just put exactly that wallpaper on the small ceiling in our piano room. I absolutely love it! I also love brick floors, though I wonder if they will be cold in a bathroom. And more difficult to clean? Please show us your finished room! Looking forward!

    1. Thank you Karen! It sounds like I picked a good wallpaper. I bet it looks amazing on your ceiling! Was it hard to put up there? I have been thinking about wallpapering my daughter’s ceiling but I’m a bit intimidated! As for the bricks I worry about the coldness aspect as well…maybe a good rug would help? Also, I have heard they are super easy to clean if you seal them! I am leaning more and more towards them.

  6. Looking forward to watching the progress of your half bath as you renovate it. I agree with Shelley about painting the tiles for a temporary solution and then retiling in the future when you have the budget for it.

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