Monday Must Haves Faux Florals

Welcome to this week’s Monday Must Haves, where I share a collection of things that have caught my eye lately. Plus, each week I will be featuring a small shop for you to check out. Nothing is off limits!

This week is all about the faux florals!

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Monday Must Haves Faux Flowers

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Monday Must Haves Faux Florals

  1. I’ve always had a sweet spot for viburnum snowballs ever since we had them at our last house. So when I saw these realistic looking faux snowball stems over on Alforal I was instantly in love! I have also seen great ones at Hobby Lobby and Michael’s. The light green tint to these are so realistic when these flowers first bloom. They also have an all white variety. These look so pretty in a tall vase or vessel.
Faux Snowball Flowers

2. This realistic looking pink faux peony bundle is my go to Spring and Summer faux flower! I love these so much and so does my mom and sister. The variety of pinks, the real feel of the petals and the bendable stems make these so realistic. You can see them in the Amazon Livestream I did this past Saturday.

Faux Pink Peony flowers

3. I have and LOVE these faux real touch tulips! On last week’s Amazon Livestream I shared them if you want to see them in action. You can also view them on my Valentine’s Day table post and mantel post. They are so realistic looking that I have been able to fool a few of our friends! I adore them and they are my got to and most loved faux floral that I have ever owned! The price is pretty amazing too and these come in multiple colors as well. A Monday must have!

Faux White Tulips

4. Do you love cherry blossom stems as much as I do? I think it’s all the sweet little bundles of flowers. I have had these stems since last year and was lucky enough to snatch them before they sold out last Spring. These are a bit pricey but an investment that keeps on giving season after season. They are tall, long and make a decor statement no matter where they are placed! I would say they are even more pretty in person and they do have several color options to choose from.

Faux Cherry Blossom Stems

5. This beautiful faux English sweet Juliet rose stopped me in my tracks when I first saw it on Alforal’s website. It looks so real ( notice the thorns!) and I immediately pictured it styled in a lovely faux flower arrangement on our table. A girl can dream, right?! I adore real roses and this one is the next best thing. Bonus, they need no water! ha!

Faux cream rose

6. SMALL SHOP SPOTLIGHT: This week I want to share the small shop FlowerFairylandInc and their awesome faux flowers! These all green faux real looking hydrangeas are show stoppers and huge! Love their look when I can’t have my own real Annabelle hysrangeas. They have so many options in their shop and I also have my eye on the faux poppies! Goodness, be prepared to be sucked in to a wonderful small business with quality faux florals!

Faux hydreangeas

Monday Must Haves Faux Florals

See more of my favorite faux florals and greenery stems that I have my eye on! I rounded them all up for you in one spot. You can browse them all here!

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  1. Lilacs are my favorite flower. They have such a beautiful scent and remind me of my grandmother.💕

      1. My reply was interrupted by my error. I love all flowers but in this group I love the peonies first, tulips next, roses and all of them. I tried to plant peonies and lilacs wherever we lived. I also love daisies.

      1. My favorite flower is blue salvia love to watch the wind blow / play with it that’s outside….inside faux white hydrangea ….

  2. I am in love with the real touch tulips! My nest purchase will be the faux peony bundle after seeing them on your Amazon Live. OMG, they are so beautiful! I can’t wait to see them as my dining room centerpiece.
    The you Kelly, for all the wonderful things you’ve been sharing.

  3. Good Monday morning !! I love💕💕💕 the peonies! My favorite flower since my grandmother grew them for years!., would love to get them !

  4. Oh goodness, I love so many flowers it’s hard to choose one. However, hydrangeas will always have a special place in my heart.

  5. Tulips are my favorite flower. My mother was part Dutch so I grew up attending Tulip Time in Pella, IA. I had tulips in my wedding and so did our daughter.

  6. There are too many beautiful flowers to choose a favorite – I guess mine is whichever kind my sweet husband brought me this week. 🙂

  7. Hellebores aka Lenten Rose is my all time favorite. Beautiful colors, evergreen leaves and hardy in my woodland garden. Hellebores provide color and life after leaves have fallen and everything else has gone dormant. Flower buds appear in December, bloom in January, February and March. The flowers change colors but are still beautiful until mid-summer, sometimes later, in NW GA. Hydrangeas are also a favorite.

  8. Such beautiful faux florals! My favorite flowers are lilacs and roses. Starting a rose garden this year.

  9. My favourite faux flowers are the real touch tulips. I have had them for a long time and they needed refreshing, so I ordered a new bunch (in white, of course). They sent pink. So I gave the pink ones to my sister and ordered white again. They sent pink! I will return these ones and order from a different company. Amazon has several to choose from. Never had that issue before. BTW, thank you for the chance at a gift card. I order so much from Amazon that my husband has dubbed it Pamazon. lol Also, I ordered the eye massager for myself, loved it so much I ordered 2 more for my daughters. Great machine.

  10. Good Morning!
    My favorite flowers are peonies and hydrangeas.
    Love their showy fluffiness!

  11. Hi Kelly. My absolute favorite flower is peonie’s. There isn’t a color or species I don’t love. Thank you for gifting. 🙂

  12. Oh my, how do I choose my favorite?
    I will have to say that daffodils are on the top of the list because they come up in my garden. I love bringing the first blooms in our home. Thanks for all the inspiration. Going to check out your picks now.

  13. My favorites are the real touch tulips by Mandy. I ordered some a couple of weeks ago and obsessed with them!

  14. Roses are my favorite so I love the faux English sweet Juliet rose. I’m a classic girl!

  15. I have grown to enjoy the eucalyptus stems and garlands. I have some tulips and peonies but am thinking of adding another color of each to my bouquets! So ready to bring spring into our home!!

  16. Hey Kelly!!! Peonies are my favorite, especially the pink ones! The Mandy tulips are the best faux tulips I’ve ever seen. ❤️
    Thank you for all your ideas & inspiration!!!!!!

  17. My favorite flowers are peonies! But it’s so hard to choose just one! I love ALL flowers!

  18. My favorite flower is a peony. I love the way their fragrant scent smells like summer to me. We had peonies at our previous home and I truly miss them. Have some faux peonies but truly miss that scent

  19. My favorite faux flower is white carnations. I just bought some at Walmart. You don’t see them often, they are hard to find so when I do find them I buy several bunches.

  20. My favorite flower is pansies, reminding me of my Grandma and sweet peas reminding me of my Mom.

  21. My favorite flower is Tulip. I have an old pitcher with some in it. I love to put it out in the spring!

  22. Currently loving peonies for spring! But my heart’s nostalgic love in lilacs like my Grandma’s 😉

  23. I’ve had my eye on those peonies for awhile, and they’re on my wish list. I bought those white tulips a few years ago, and I absolutely love them! I have ordered them as gifts for family and friends because they look so real and add such cheer. People are fooled all the time and can’t believe that they are fake. I love snowball flowers, and I’m considering buying the ones you shared.

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