Our Patriotic Porch!

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Welcome to my Patriotic Porch Tour! Today I am thrilled to be joining some amazing bloggers for this fun tour of 15 different porches each with their own patriotic flair. A huge thank you to Amber of Follow the Yellow Brick Home for hosting this tour and including me. If you have just come from Kristin at White Arrows Home ‘s porch tour, welcome! Isn’t her porch just awesome?

5 Simple Porch Styling Tips

Today I am excited to show you how I have dressed up my porch for Summer as well as share 5 simple porch styling tips!Simple Porch Styling TipsOur porch is my haven and I LOVE decorating it. It holds my beloved second pew, Ms. Fanny. Yes I said second because I actually have three pews. I guess you could say I have a thing for pews! (If you would like to read about the story of Ms. Fanny you can click HERE.)

Our Patriotic porch!

 Tip #1-Theme

Find a theme for your porch. With the Fourth of July coming up I knew that I wanted my porch to have a red, white and blue color scheme. I always turn to flowers first when I want to add color then I build from there.  I chose red Impatiens and blue Lobelia and the Boston ferns are still going strong from earlier this Spring when I shared my Spring porch refresh.

Use these 5 simple tips to beautify your summer porch.

Red impatiens brighten up a porch instantly.An old pew and touches of red, white & blue make this porch Summer ready!

Tip #2- K.I.S.S.

Keep it simple sister! I have a secret…I very rarely plant my plants or flowers in actual pots with dirt. Let me explain. The ferns you see are just placed in their planters (wooden crate/metal bucket) and the flowers are still in their plastic containers as well. I prefer to call them “drop in” flowers or plants! Sometimes I put dirt around the top to hide the plastic containers they come in and sometimes I don’t. This way I can move them around or if I happen to forget to water them I can toss them and replace them if needed. I like to keep it simple!

Patriotic touches to our front porch are perfect for Summer fun!

5 Simple Tips on how to add touches of summer to any porch.

Tip #3-Shop Your House First

This might be my all time favorite tip and I use it inside and outside my home. Remember tip #1? Well once I have a “theme” I like to go shop my house for anything theme related. I also shared this tip on yesterday’s post where I shared my summer dining room and entryway which you can see HERE. For our porch I found the old red cocoa-cola crate in our garage, the red and white pillows from our backyard, the French basket from our family room and the quilts and blue and white pillow from inside as well.  Oh and I almost forgot, the long jute runner I stole from our kitchen! The rest of the items were already on our porch and I just moved them around! This is a smart and fun way to refresh without breaking the bank!Front porch decor with a patriotic theme.

Our front porch is Summer ready!

Tip #4-Don’t Be Afraid to Bring the Indoors Out

Like I said in tip #3 half of my porch decor came from inside my house! Having the unexpected outside brings a certain element of surprise as well as comfort. I like to look at my porch as another room in my home so why not bring the indoors out? I know a lot of people worry about having their nice quilts and baskets outside but not me. Most of my items are vintage already so a little bit of dirt will only add more character! 😉 But all kidding aside, there are times when I will bring my pillows or quilts in at night and there definitely are items that I would never bring outside. Just use your own discretion and don’t be afraid to get creative.

Our patriotic porch is cozy and perfect for relaxing.


Tip #5- Don’t Forget to Have Fun!

Remember it’s really all about having fun and bringing your personality to the space! These little votives were a fun little DIY project that I whipped up in less than 5 minutes. These are jelly jars of my mom’s that we have used during our many tea parties. You can catch a glimpse of them HERE. All I did was add sand to them and a mini candle and BAM, darling little vintage looking votives! Instant character, instant color and even a little bit of recycling! In my book color always equals fun!

Old jelly jars turned into votives are a simple and affordable addition to any porch.


Jelly jar votives for your front porch.

Our Patriotic Porch

Thank you for stopping by our porch today! I hope you found some inspiration as well as a few helpful tips for the next time you decorate your porch or outdoor space. Please let me know if you have any questions.Our Patriotic Porch in 5 simple steps.

The next stop on the Patriotic Porch Tour is the Painted Hinge. I know you will love Michelle’s porch and style!



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  1. Kelly, your patriotic pew is a little bit of heaven on earth–love it! Great tips, too! Happy to be participating in the tour with you! Blessings, Cecilia @My Thrift Store Addiction

  2. Kelly, your porch is darling and your tips are spot on! I love the jelly jars..they are small but adorable. Now I have to go to the grocery store and buy that brand. 🙂

    I’d love to sit on your porch pew and talk about how much I love your home!

    1. Hi Stacey! thank you so much. I sure do love our porch. So glad you like the jelly jars! You can get them at you local grocer for sure! Thank you for your sweet and kind encouragement!

  3. It looks amazing Kelly! I love your pew. 😉 I am missing having a front porch so I’m glad I get to enjoy yours!

  4. Gorgeous porch styling and great tips too! I agree, shopping your home should come first. This is how the most creative displays and vignettes usually happen! Your tattered pew looks lovely with all the festive pillows and seems like a great place to sit and enjoy a summer beverage or watermelon! I love your ferns, flowers, buckets and baskets!

    Thanks for joining us on the Patriotic Porches tour. I hope you have a blessed and beautiful summer!

    1. Amber thank you so much! I was so honored (and so was Ms. Fanny) that you asked me to join your tour! I appreciate all of your kind words and can’t wait to check out the rest!

    1. Hi Cindy! Thank you and good luck searching for your own pew. It became a quest for me and luckily I had friends keeping a watch out! Excited to be on tour with you too!

  5. Three pews? Now, I’m a bit jealous! 🙂 Love your darling porch and the tips are perfect! I am a huge theme girl and always shop my house and gardens before buying anything. Fun, Now that’s a term I’m familiar with. Happy to meet you through this tour!

    1. Yes Jann I have three! One in my entry, one on the porch and a child sized one in the playroom! I am always searching! So glad we have so much in common, especially when it comes to shopping the house! Thanks for stopping by!

  6. What perfect porch styling tips! I love the red buffalo checked pillows. They look perfect on your pew. All of your patriotic decor looks beautiful!

  7. I love your patriotic porch! The pew is fantastic and I love that you brought blankets outside. I love the old jam jars used outside as well.

  8. What a great welcoming porch for summer and the 4th of July! That is a great church pew, and can seat a lot of friends and family! Your red impatiens are SO red, they are lovely. I must admit, I went with artificial red geraniums on my porch, I have such a hard time in Florida keeping flowers watered enough on the porch. Your votives in the jars with the red and white lidded jars are a perfect little addition! I am so glad to have “hopped” with you and to have discovered The Tattered Pew! Happy 4th!

    1. Hi Chloe! Thank you thank you thank you! I too have some faux geraniums because I always forget to water! Loved hopping with you too! I appreciate your kind words and look forward to seeing you around more!

  9. Oh Kelly, you pew is amazing!!! I love all of the tips you shared also. I am always “shopping my space” and moving things around from one room to another. My husband and 3 boys look at me like I’m crazy, but I’m so glad you get it! So happy to join you on this tour! Have a blessed 4th! Heather @ Beauty For Ashes Home

    1. Hi Heather! I can’t thank you enough for your kind words! Sounds like we are very similar because my family always wonders what I am doing as well. Thanks for stopping by and Happy 4th to you!

  10. Love it,Kelly! Your porch is so welcoming and those little jam jars as candles is so cute! Your vintage quilt is the perfect summer colors! Would love to have you linkup this week! -desiree

  11. I adore this post Kelly!! I love how you styled everything and your awesome tips for how to style an amazing outdoor space! I am such a fan of ferns and soda crates and can’t wait to use your inspiration for the tea lights in the jars! So cute!!

  12. You are spot on with your tips. I always shop my house first and I don’t think I bought a single item for my patriotic decor this year.

    I am in love with your pew!

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