Winter Porch Ideas


I don’t know about you but after Christmas I am always craving simplicity around my home and I like to take the less is more approach. This is also true when it comes to my outdoor decorating. Today I am excited to share with you some of my favorite winter porch ideas, that I promise, anyone can do.

Check out these winter porch ideas that are simple and fun!

I am joining my friends for the Welcome Winter mini blog hop hosted by Cecilia of My Thrift Store Addiction. Make sure to visit the blogs linked at the bottom of this post to help cure those winter decorating blues!

Winter Porch Ideas

Do you decorate your porch for winter? I do, and guess what? It’s actually one of the easiest things to decorate because it’s simply about removing certain things. My winter porch ideas are honestly about undecorating.

Winter porch ideas that include keeping up your greenery!

Removing All Traces of Christmas (Undecorating)

Our Christmas porch this past year was one of my all time favorites. It was full or fresh greenery along with fun pops of red.  But it was definitely a Christmas porch, not a winter porch.

I also think I loved it so much because of the DIY wreath I made for our window above the pew. It was such a simple DIY yet such a huge statement!

I wasn’t ready to fully let it go, and so I didn’t!

Our Christmas Porch

Check it out below! I simply removed the red berries from the wreath and it was instantly transformed into a new and gorgeous winter wreath!

Just a bit of easy undecorating that included removing the pillows and plaid throw. It took me less than 10 minutes.

Winter greenery wreath steal the show on this winter porch!

Winter Greens on a Winter Porch

Outdoor winter decorations that are not Christmas are actually easier than you might think. My number one rule for winter porch decor is bring on the greenery.

Fresh or faux makes all the difference by simply adding color and life to a space.

When I invested in the 20ft fresh cedar garland from Costco in early November, I knew it would last on my porch well into February. Once all of the red was removed it became winter and not Christmas.

And yes, I did leave the twinkle lights up!

Winter porch decor: pine cones, greens, birch logs and vintage decor

Winter Porch Plants and Planters

When it comes to winter planter ideas and plants I like to keep things easy on our front porch. Some of my favorite ideas are faux flocked trees in olive buckets, old crates or anything planter like. I also love sticking greenery clippings in baskets or containers to add pops of color.

The greenery in the basket on our pew is from a bush in our backyard. Free greenery is also a favorite of mine!

The perfect winter porch vignette.

Of course I can’t forget my favorite boxwood bush that stays green year round. It also made an appearance on our fall and spring front porch!

I highly recommend investing in a boxwood plant not only because of their constant greenery but because of their beauty, texture and low maintenance.

A cozy snowy winter porch in Colorado.

Also, you may have noticed the large sugar pine cones that I have in the crate on my pew? I snagged them at an after Christmas sale for $2.50 each! Of course I bought their last three.

They compliment the pine cones in my wreath perfectly, don’t you think? Pine cones always make me think of winter decor and they are a must for winter porch decorating!

If you love pinecones too then you won’t want to miss my post on How to Prepare Pine Cones for Crafts and Decor. Along with 25+ Ideas for Decorating With Pinecones!

How Do I Make My Porch Cozy?

If you have been around my porch for awhile now you know I love making it cozy! A lot of people ask how do I make my porch cozy, especially in the winter? Well I think adding texture in the form of a blanket or throw adds that instant cozy feeling that most of us crave.

green, white and natural wood tones make for a cozy winter porch look!

I removed the Christmas pillows but left my favorite fluffy green blanket that I found at IKEA several years ago. It’s one that I have specifically designated for outside.

If you live in Colorado like me, or other states that have crazy weather, you have to be careful with what you leave on your porch because the weather is constantly changing.

Winter Porch Decorating Ideas

Vintage Decor for Your Winter Porch

Some of my best winter porch ideas include using vintage decor to accessorize our front porch. My favorite vintage piece is of course my pew, Ms. Fanny.

You can read all about how I found her here. Having a fun focal point on your porch always makes decorating it a whole lot easier!

A vintage sled, old basket and live greenery greets you as you enter our winter porch!

This vintage sled and old basket offset the pew nicely and draw your eye to the door. They offer a fun and playful touch to our porch that I love.

Winter porch decorating ideas that include vintage decor.

Leaving No Space Undecorated

Don’t forget when it comes to decorating your porch it’s always a good idea to decorate in the unexpected spaces.

Simple and easy winter porch ideas!

One of my favorite places to decorate on our porch is under the pew! I love adding stacks of wood like these old chunky birch logs. Their white color is perfect for winter!

Winter porch ideas with a Hale Navy background.

This old white and green bee crate breaks up all the wood and fills the space under the pew nicely.

When I hunt for items for my porch I look for unique items that have the colors I love. Green is always a go to for me no matter the season.

Winter Porch Ideas

Hopefully I shared a few winter porch ideas that you might want to try yourself. I plan to leave my winter decor up through February or March… or as long as my greenery stays green!

Winter porch ideas that take less than 10 minutes!

Thanks for stopping by today… you are welcome anytime! Make sure to check back here on the blog soon because there will be a rather large change happening to our entry. I can’t wait to show you!

Now make sure to visit my blogging buddies posts below to see all of their beautiful winter decorating inspiration!



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  1. Kelly, your winter greens are fabulous! And I say yes to the twinkle lights, they’re still so winter cozy and appealing well beyond Christmas. Every time I see that green throw I just want to reach into my screen and grab it, it’s such a gorgeous hue. Your wreath is lush and still going strong, certainly a good way to stave off winter bleakness. A very nice way to make winter way more appealing than it is! Thanks for sharing your flair for style.

    1. Rita you always leave the best comments…it feel like we are chatting! If I ever find another green blanket like this one I will send it your way! Thanks for stopping by and for your kind words!

  2. Kelly, you always create such charming porch decor! I love your pops of greenery against your blue house. Pinned and sharing on IG later. Sending winter blessings your way, Friend! Cecilia @My Thrift Store Addiction

  3. Kelly, your porch is so beautifully styled for winter! I love all the greenery and vintage pieces. And of course it all looks even prettier with the gorgeous color of your house! Happy winter and enjoy your weekend!

  4. Love your winter porch. One of the main reasons I keep our porch neutral is so it looks great all winter.

    Our greens still look gorgeous!


  5. Your porch is always styled to perfection, Kelly. I think it is one of my favorite spaces in your home. Love this beautiful transition you made for a simple, winter look.

  6. I live in Delaware and decorate at Christmas with getting to spring in mind.
    I h as he a screened porch that everyone uses to get in our home, so no junk but sending a warm welcome. It state furnished and functional in all seasons. I as vitally purchase sale plants and create a winter garden. Adding fairly lights to the plants and utilizing our year round my star lights across the ceiling. We also set up a hot chocolate bar for everyone’s pleasure around the pit. Adding cut greens in galvanized bucket complete with a bow to the bar. This space gives us joy every day!

  7. Kelly I love all the winter greens with that color blue on your house! It’s really striking! Your porch looks so beautiful! Love it!!! xoxoxo

  8. Kelly!!! I’m about to make a public confession…Joanna Gaines has a new cooking show, and with it new commercials. Recently I saw one and at the end she made a funny and winked at the CAMERA. SHE WINKED AT THE CAMERA…this is an important fact here. GIRL! I winked right back at her!! My husband laughs at me still and teases me like she and I are besties. I tell you this story because I winked at you while I read your blog post! Lucky for me, my husband didn’t see it this time haha What I’m trying to say is I’m glad you left the twinkle lights haha!!! I love your porch – always have and always will!! I can’t wait to swing by a coffee shop on my way over to sit and chat with you while we hang with Ms. Fanny!!! Have a great weekend friend!!

  9. Your porch looks wonderful in it’s natural winter outfit, Kelly:) Really like how you tucked the birch logs under the pew and added all the other natural rustic textures. Yes…Costco roping! I get a couple every year; love it. Outdoor winter porch decor definitely helps us get through the winter!

  10. Your porch is one of my all-time favorite spaces, Kelly! I love the natural elements you’ve used and how you created so many beautiful vignettes with natural greenery. It’s all totally gorgeous and the snowy scenery makes it feel positively magical. Loved, inspired, pinned 🙂 Big hugs, CoCo

  11. My goodness I bet your neighbors love driving or walking by your home and looking at your porch! I would love it and find an excuse to sit there as much as possible. Great tips too. Happy Winter!

  12. Ok, so I think I am going to go with a big wreath and that natural greenery next year. It’s amazing how long it lasts and your porch looks wonderful and welcoming.

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