Monday Must Haves

Welcome to this week’s Monday Must Haves, where I share a collection of things that have caught my eye lately! Everything from home to beauty to clothing. Plus, each week I will be featuring a small shop for you to check out. Nothing is off limits!

If you missed last week’s must haves you can see them here!

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Monday Must Haves Week 3

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Monday Must haves

  1. I first saw this straw backpack when we were on a trip to Hawaii a few years back. I loved that it was unique, practical and beautiful all wrapped into one bag! Whenever I carry it I feel like I should be in France visiting an outdoor market. A girl can dream, right?! I have used this backpack as my purse, beach bag and even in my home decor. Trust me it looks gorgeous with flowers in it! This is definitely one of my must haves!
Straw Backpack

2. I purchased this dress from Amazon last Spring when I was craving summer, comfy, casual and cute clothes after a very long Colorado winter. And all I have to say is IT HAS POCKETS!!!! It’s my go to for those days when I am not feeling creative but want to look put together and cute. It washes well and even if there are wrinkles they fall out nicely. I wear a medium and feel that it is true to size. And for $30? Yes please!

Black maxi dress

3. When these darling lamps came out last year at Target I knew I needed at least one in our home. We now have two of these lamps from Target. One in our bedroom and one for my daughter’s room which is in the works! I think why I like it so much is because of the size. It’s more of a midsize lamp perfect for a small nightstand or dresser. The wicker shade is so cute and adds that coastal vibe that I gravitate towards more and more. It goes with every style too!

Rattan lamp from Target

4. Did you see the cute Halloween craft I made in one of these jars last week? It was so simple yet so freaking fun! Now I feel like I need more of these jars. They are so versatile and so classically beautiful! There are so many sizes too: Jar (large) , medium jar , small jar , Amazon jar. As well as so many different places that carry them. I popped over to Target to grab mine but I did link an Amazon option too just in case you are not near a Target. I have two of the smaller ones in our pantry with hot cocoa and marshmallows in them. (might need to trade out those mallows since they are from last year! ha!) Anyways ca ‘t get enough of these and thought you might like them too! What would you put in your jar?

Glass lidded jar from Target

5. Ok, this Monday Must Have is a bit random, but hear me out! This portable neck fan has been on my list for awhile now and last week it was on sale so I snagged one and goodness do I love it! I first saw it when my friend Tabitha was wearing it during a VERY hot soccer game. I was envious and made note to snag one on Amazon. It is perfect for sporting events, walks, working in the yard, you name it! It is conveniently rechargeable via USB cord that it comes with and has 3 speeds. What would you use it for? Honestly if I was still teaching I would have used it in my classroom that had no ac!

wireless neck fan

6. SMALL SHOP SPOTLIGHT: This week I want to share White Arrows Home Shop with you all! My blogging friend Kristin from the blog White Arrows Home, has her own brick and mortar shop as well as on-line shop. Her shop features all things cottages, cabins and camps. Kristin and I have been friends for almost 6 years and she is a true gem. One of the hardest workers I know and she has a heart for Jesus, her family and all things cabin! Her shop is full of fun new and old finds and you are guaranteed to find something plaid! If you visit her online shop and sign up for her email you will get 10% off your order. So make sure to show this fun small shop some love this week!

Monday Must HAves Small Shop Spotlight: What Arrows Home Shop

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  1. Your posts are always so inspiring. You have the rare ability which makes it seem as though we are sitting at the local coffee shop just chatting!

  2. Good morning Kelly! I too love the straw backpack/purse/beach bag/home decor accessory!! Beautiful.
    Have a lovely week.

  3. Always look forward to reading your great blog! Love your must haves especially the cute dress and backpack!
    Have a blessed fall season!

  4. Good Morning hard to choose but the dress and in black is beautiful love all your ideas. Always look forward to your Emails Enjoy your fall….

  5. Love the backpack! I would love to hunt in France with you, lol! The small lamp is cute, too. Where to put it? Hmmm…

  6. Great giveaway on this cloudy Monday morning. Love all your picks but the glass jar is just what I need for homemade cookies for my grandchildren to nibble .

    1. Sarah bought me one of the fans for Mother’s Day this year and I used it so much this past summer! When school started I loaned it back to her since her classroom was so dang hot! We’ll worth the money!

  7. Happy Monday! Oh those must-haves…great items that are versatile. I’d go with the straw backpack purse. That can be used a lot throughout the majority of the year if I had it.

  8. Thank you so much for sharing your finds and diy’s aswell as your friends!! I’m so happy I found your blog. I’m new to diying but I love it. I get so inspired by so many of for projects.i love the thrifting and other things as an I love love diy more. I also love that I get to check out another shop. Thank you

  9. Love the items at the White Arrows Home Shop. Also like the long dress especially that it has pockets

  10. What great items! Thank you for sharing! I love the jar, I’ll have to keep my eye out for one of those!

  11. Love your collection of ideas, Kelly. I d have to say that that lamp stole my heart immediately. It looks so versatile in style and size. Kristin does have such wonderful ideas. Have a great week.

  12. Suh a nice collection, I really like that lamp, would look so nice paired with the straw backpack in an entryway grouping. Nice finds!

  13. I LOVE reading your posts and blogs — especially when you mention your mother’s help! What a gift and a treasure she is! Looking over your Monday Must Haves, I couldn’t pick just one! So I decided I could only eliminate one — the lamp! 🤣

  14. Kelly! What a fun collection of favorites!! That tote bag/backpack is so cute!! I’ve browsed Kristin’s store online too. It would be SO fun to visit there in person and see the area too. She has such a great blog too. I hope you have a great week!

  15. Oh my goodness Kelly. I LOVE that headphone AC unit. I never heard of them. That is the coolest. Thanks for posting it and for gifting to us.

  16. I must have the lamp! I can think of about twelve spots in my home I could put that 🤣 it’s the shade for me!

  17. What a great list! LOVE all of your Monday Must Haves…each one is budget friendly, available by your links and very thoughtful for today. THANK YOU so much!

  18. Hi Kelly.
    I’m so glad I came across your website. Thank you for this great giveaway! Have a beautiful day.

  19. Good morning, Kelly – good things on your Must Haves today – I actually have a few of the items.
    One I don’t have is the Palm Leaf Taza Backpack – what a great idea.

  20. I enjoy your newsletters and find lots of great ideas in them! I think the Portable Neck Fan would be great to have here in the deep south where it is hot most of the year. The black dress is very nice too! Love these ideas.

  21. Oh wow, all those are great choices! I always enjoy reading you blog and seeing what kind of fun things you are working on. I am in love with that straw backpack! I love the idea of bring it to a farmers market or flowers stand.

  22. Dress is a definite yes. Have several and love them. The large canister is great for coffee bar snack in a way that is neat and items won’t get lost in a basket. Will have to check out the lamp for my Florida room. It is perfect. Great Monday choices.

  23. Love your blog and emails! The Target lamp is perfect for our little grandson’s bedroom at our house. It will complement his seashell collection that’s on his dresser. He loves to stay overnight at Grandma’s and Bobs’ (his name for Grandpa Steve). Thanks so much!

  24. I love the Monday Must Haves. Saves me hours of shopping when you have done all the work. Thank you for offering your most generous giveaway.

  25. that glass canister is so nice looking and good for storage as well as decor — a must have, maybe in multiples! The black dress looks so versatile.

  26. Friend!! What a fun post! So many great things list on your Monday Must Haves! I would love Kristin’s gift or the black dress! Keeping my fingers crossed. lol 💛

  27. You are so upbeat and fun, a real joy to follow! That fan sounds refreshing and like a must have! 😉 thanks for being you!!!

  28. Ohh!! The jars!! Thinking about alll the pretty Christmas things that could sit pretty in there… 🙏🙏😂

  29. That bag/purse is my total fave! You have such a great taste, Kelly!!! It’s on my birthday list of things I want!😉

  30. Always enjoy your posts. Very informative and inspirational . Thank you for always lifting us up. We appreciate your positive attitude. Thank you.

  31. Kelly,
    the Backpack is calling my name in Bold Caps!!
    I’ve enjoyed all of your Monday Must Haves, they draw me into your creative thoughts process. The way you describe and show us the ways you incorporated them into you and your family settings have help me to step out of my comfort zone. Also, the plus with the crafts is the “how to make it” easy and look spectacular in my home.

  32. I love checking out your picks on Amazon and else where! I love your style and when you share where you’ve gotten your treasures….well, that’s a win for me/us that follow along!! I’m loving your basket backpack here. Anything coastal for me as well!

  33. Loving that gorgeous straw backpack! It has been fun following along as a fellow FoCo neighbor builds her on-line business, moves into a beautiful new home, then “retires” from her educational career! Some day I hope to run into you shopping decor for our homes!!

  34. You have such fun posts!
    Thanks! And thanks for the opportunity to win a Monday Must Have!! Blessings to you and your family.

  35. New follower here and I just love your style! That little white lamp from target is adorable! I would love it for a little table in my hallway 💕

  36. I would love the lamp. I bought 2 and my son cracked on of them so now I have to go buy a new one. 😒 but I hope I win this one my friend….

  37. Love the lamp! I had one and it was my favorite lamp till it got broken. I will have to check out your shopping finds – love them all.

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