Tips for Hosting a Garden Tea Party


I am always on the look out for a reason to host a fun tea party! So recently when a long time family friend was in town visiting I decided that it was the perfect time to have my very first outdoor tea party. It turned out to be a pretty fabulous setup and I can’t wait to share with you my best tips for hosting a garden tea party!Simple and fun tips on how to host a garden tea party!

Tips For Hosting a Garden Tea Party

Use Flowers from Your Garden!

For me a tea party out in the garden or outdoors means flowers will be included! Luckily my roses were in abundance this year and were the perfect centerpiece for our tea party. To keep things cohesive and simple I put them in an assortment of clear glass vases. I also added a fantastic green and blue hydrangea that I bought at our local grocery store and I’m hoping I can transplant it to our garden!Using cut flowers from your own garden is a great way to add a speacil touch to an outdoor tea party!

Hosting an outdoor tea party in your garden should be on your bucket list!

Don’t be Afraid to Use Real China Tea Cups!

It makes my heart happy to use real tea cups even with kids and even outside because in my mind, without them it wouldn’t be a tea party. My tips is this, if you have some very special tea cups that you absolutely don’t want broken, leave those inside for another day. On my table I have an assortment of tea cups that I have picked up at thrift stores and flea markets so they aren’t as sentimental as my ironstone ones! Mixing and matching is always ok too!WHy not bring the tea party outside?

TIme for a garden tea party.

My fabulous periwinkle milk glass goblets that you saw in my summer home tour made an appearance as well!  These were a flea market find and add a fun pop of color against the flowers.Graden tea parties in the summer can have iced tea too!

Keep the Food Colorful and Simple

Since this tea party was in the garden and on a warm day I decided include mostly fruit. We also had lemon bars, scones and even some raspberry sorbet!Fruit adds the perfect amount of color and flavor to any tea party.


Sconeas are a must even at a garden tea party!

A fun garden tea party is always a good idea!

Don’t be Afraid to Bring the Inside Out

This is one of my favorite tips. You may or may not have noticed that I brought my kitchen table out to our backyard! I know, I’m crazy, right? My oldest step-son helped me carry it out back and he thought I was a bit crazy too. But guess what…it totally makes this garden tea party special. Right?! The tablecloth and the chairs I brought from inside as well.Don't be afraid to bring the inside out for your garden tea party.

Garden tea parties are always a special time to enjoy good company.

In the Garden You Can Have Both Hot and Cold Tea

Like you saw above in my picture I had both cold and hot tea. It’s a good idea to always be prepared…especially in the summer when temperatures can be very hot!Tea in the garden, a perfect summer activity.

Be prepared to serve both hot and cold tea at your garden tea party.

Finally, Everyone is Invited!

And finally, Tea parties are more fun when everyone is invited. There really is no age limit! My sweet nieces love a good tea party and so does our Wheaten Terrier Kona!Sweet memories at eh garden tea party!

Kona our pup loves agood garden tea party too.

Simple Tips For Hosting a Garden Tea Party

I hope you found my tips for hosting a garden tea party helpful! Do you love hosting tea parties too? Have you ever had an outdoor one? If you enjoyed this one you may want to visit some of my other tea parties as well!

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I sure loved this garden tea party and plan to have many more outside!



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Tips for hosting a fabulous garden tea party!

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  1. So fun and creative! Love that you took your table outside! I am inspired to do this at my house.

  2. I am dying… in love with your “tea in the garden” tin. Can you source where you found it???? Also, I am inspired to have a tea party next week for a dear friend!!!! Thanks so much ❤️

    1. Thank you so much! I love that tin too, it was a gift from my mom and is Emma Bridgewater from England. You can fins it online sometimes! Good luck and have a fun tea party!

  3. Your tea party looked beautiful! I have little tea party’s with my grandson who is 3. He gets to pick his teacup and desert plate from the china I have collected and we set up his little table and have cool tea and a little snack. It’s so much fun. Hugs,

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