How To Transition Your Decor from Christmas to Winter

7 tips for transitioning from Christmas to winter decor

Hello friends! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. I had fun celebrating with my family and friends and now I feel refreshed and ready to tackle some projects. The first project being transitioning my decor from Christmas to Winter. Do you struggle with winter decor after Christmas? If so read on for my best tips!

Winter whites are perfect for the transition from Christmas to winter decor in your home.

Now I know there are two camps when it comes to “un-decorating after Christmas”…the first one being those who leave Christmas up until after the New Year/Epiphany and the second being the group that takes it down immediately. I’d like to think of myself as somewhere in the middle.

This year I started taking down most of my Christmas decor the first of January! This was a first for me and for some reason I had the itch to switch. However, I have decided to leave my trees up and my steps decorated until sometime in January.

How to transition your decor from Christmas to winter.

How to Transition Your Decor from Christmas to Winter

Really transitioning your decor from Christmas to winter is quite easy. I did most of mine in one day and bought absolutely nothing. Below are the steps I used:

1.Remove All the Red

The first step to removing any signs of Christmas is to remove all the red, all the signs that say Christmas and anything that feels Christmasssey.

I went around my house and took down the red bows and berries that were previously all on my garland. But I left up the greenery stems and garland.

Come February I will remove it.

Winter Decor and greenery

This wasn’t too hard for me since I tend to use a lot of blue and green, but the touches of red I did have were easy to pack away. I decided to stick with winter whites, blues and greens and natural wood tones. So anything in this color scheme I left out!

2. Non Christmas Winter Decor

Winter decorating in January doesn’t have to mean leaving up your Christmas decorations until spring. There are plenty of non Christmas winter decor ideas that will make your home cozy and inviting while still being entirely seasonally appropriate.

If you find the traditional holiday colors a bit overwhelming this time of year, consider going for more muted shades, such as whites and greys with accents of light blue and green. Bring the outdoors in by adding touches of natural elements like branches, feathers, or stones within centerpieces and garlands to hang on walls or doorways.

Keeping it light with subtle textures like wire or twine can give any room a festive touch without screaming “Christmas”.

Finally, throw in a few flameless candles for an added luminous touch that captures the spirit of winter. With these non Christmas winter decor ideas, you are sure to find a way to make your home feel fresh yet inspiring this January!

3. January Decorating Ideas

January can be an excellent time to give your home a cozy winter transformation. After taking down the Christmas decorations, January is the perfect time to embrace winter decorating ideas.

Adding winter-inspired elements like cozy blankets, furry textiles or a scent of pine can create an inviting atmosphere for you to enjoy during the long January months.

January decorating doesn’t need to be just about cool tones though – consider adding life and texture with some greenery like evergreen wreaths, branches and natural materials like fir cones and twigs. Whatever January decorating ideas you use in your home, make sure it reflects your own personal style!

4.Keep out all the Cozy Pillows and Blankets

Our family LOVES blankets and pillows and so does our Wheaten Terrier, Kona! I put away the red ones and kept out the navy, fur blankets and gray ones. The snowflake pillow and fur throw are both from JOANN!

Cozy pillows are the perfect transition from Christmas to winter decor.

I have all of my winter favorites saved HERE over on my Amazon Storefront if you want to take a peek!

Even our dog Kona knows how to stay cozy!
Winter whites and blues make the transition from Christmas decor to winter decor seamless.

5. Keep Using Greenery and “Winter” Trees

Just so you know all three of my indoors trees are still up! I plan to leave them until February unless I get the itch to take them down sooner. I adore the glow of their lights and how they make our home feel cozy on cold Colorado nights.

blue plaid chair and tabletop tree
My tabletop tree will stay out until January!

Plus, most of us aren’t ready to put our trees away and I say leave some out! The greenery brings some color and warmth to a room! A bare tree is winter decor in my book. 

Fresh greenery clippings are perfect for winter decor.

I have read some research that lighted trees help keep away those winter and post holiday blues. I am all about keeping those type of blues away and brining joy where ever I can. Plus, if it makes you happy I say do it. It’s your house and there really aren’t any rules when it comes to making it feel like YOUR home!

Winter trees and greens are the perfect touch for a cozy transiton from Christmas to winter decor.

6. Candles Make it Cozy

I love candles. You will find them all over my home. They bring instant warmth and a beautiful glow. I group them on trays, bedside tables and my kitchen counter. Basically anywhere I can!

Candles are perfect winter decor and keep things cozy!
I love using trees and candles for cozy winter decor.

The Old Field Farm candle above has been my all time favorite, and as you can see I’ve almost burned it down all the way! It is the Tree Farm scent and smells amazing! It’s from a small shop and I love supporting small businesses! You can see their website HERE

How to transition your decor from Christmas to winter.

7. Use Natural Decor and Accents

Looking for non-Christmas winter decor this season? Avoid the traditional holiday themed decorations and opt for a fresh twist on winter decorating.

Natural materials, like pinecones and greenery, are perfect for creating an aesthetically pleasing yet natural look in your home.

vintage frogs stacked
See my post on how to decorate with vintage flower frogs like the photo above!

Not sure where to begin with January decorating? Just add some decorative branches to a large vase for a simple yet stylish centerpiece, scatter some smaller pinecones around candle-holders or wrap garlands of evergreen leaves around doorways and windows!

Natural winter decor will make your home feel cozy while keeping it seasonally focused.

Bring the outdoors in with a variety of pinecones and greenery. Frosty accents such as white berries will add sparkle to any room, and snowflakes made from paper or wood will bring an icy feeling indoors.

If you find yourself stuck in January with little inspiration, look to areas like mantles, tables, or bare walls. With the right ingredients, even a simple arrangement can create a beautiful seasonal masterpiece. Natural decorations are an evergreen way to dress up any space without breaking the bank this winter season!

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Winter Decor After Christmas

I hope you found this helpful when the time comes for you to transition your Christmas decor to winter. My other hope is that you will find some time this week to slow down, cozy up with a loved one, sip a warm drink from a Christmas mug if you still have them out, cuddle in a soft blanket and just relax and prepare your heart for the New Year ahead. That’s my plan and my wish for you.

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Transitioning your Christmas decor to winter decor is easy using these tips and tricks!

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    1. I too am taking a different approach this year. I decorated for Christmas in shades of white and silver, the blue/green shades of eucalyptus and lambs ear with small touches of red, lots of greenery and small trees. My home always feels so empty and cold once all the decorations are removed so I’m doing it slowly, taking down the Christmas tree but leaving the mantel decor, wreaths with white ribbon and greenery up for as long as I like or until the end of January. It remains warm and cozy, I’m loving it!

  1. I didn’t have a lot of red, but took down what I had. I have an Enormous collection of angels that are staying up for a while and I may transition them through Valentine’s Day. I have a million candles that are staying up as well. So cozy for winter. I am keeping up one tree that is decorated in blue/white porcelain, so pretty. I’m removing layers, so to speak. Happy New Year.

    1. This January I am much more content about the passing of the holidays. My Christmas decor was much simpler than past years therefore easier to pack away and since I had used lots of greenery,faux candles and a variety of pinecones it was an easy changeover from Christmas to winter. It was fun to do this year and my home looks great. I left one tabletop tree with just white lights and my candles in the windows. I will pack these away the end of January.Lots of texture with pillows and throws.Today I am shopping for some fresh flowers for my coffee table. Probably white alstromeria because they last so long. Orchids if I can find a good price.
      Happy , healthy and a relaxed New Year.

      1. I tried to be a bit more simple this year too and it has made packing up and transitioning over to winter so much easier. I also need some fresh flowers now that you mentioned that!Happy New Year to you as well!

    2. Happy New Year to you too! Thanks for stopping by the blog today and I wish I could see your angel collection, I bet it is beautiful! Keeping my trees up is making me so happy!

  2. Great tips. Everything looks so cozy. I need more fun blankets and quilts! Happy New Year!

  3. Such a great post Kelly! You have wonderful ideas on how to transition from Christmas to winter décor without a whole lot of work. I love that you are leaving your trees up, enjoy that cozy glow!

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