Christmas In July: Memories, Moments, and What’s to Come


I love Christmas so of course any excuse I get to talk about it, dream about it, write about it and basically think about it year round I will take. And today is that day. No better day than July25th to share about Christmas in July.

Christmas In July : Memories, Moments, and What's to Come

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A special thank you to Rachel of The Ponds Farmhouse for asking me to join her on her Christmas In July blog hop along with 16 other bloggers who also love Christmas! And if you are following the order of the hop and stopping over via Andrea and her blog Design Morsels, welcome. Her post is a great help for planning your Christmas theme!

Christmas In July Blog Hop

What Is Christmas In July?

Ah, Christmas in July! It’s a whimsical and joyous celebration that brings a touch of holiday spirit to the middle of the year. While Christmas traditionally falls in December, some people embrace the idea of having a mini-Christmas celebration during the summer season. It’s a delightful way to beat the heat and relish in the merriment of the holiday season twice a year.

holly plants

During Christmas in July, you might find people exchanging gifts, decorating their homes with twinkling lights and ornaments, and indulging in festive treats like gingerbread cookies and eggnog. It’s a time for laughter, cheer, and a sprinkle of enchantment, reminding us that the magic of Christmas can be cherished anytime.

Many retailers even have amazing Christmas in July sales like one of my favorites, Balsam Hill! For me it is a time to look back at memories, moments and what’s to come! So, grab your Santa hat and let’s spread some mid-year holiday cheer!

Christmas In July

Christmas In July: Memories, Moments, and What’s to Come

The past two years I have loved sharing a Christmas In July post here on the blog. It allows me to start prepping mentally for the biggest season of content that I share here on the blog. And if my family could handle it I would be listening to Christmas music now and watching Christmas Hallmark movies as well. But I also love looking forward to those activities as well.

I have those linked for you below to get a taste of what they are all about before we hop into this year’s post!

Christmas In July Memories

Last year (and let’s be real, every year) I get so excited to decorate for Christmas! My mom and I usually take a day to plan out what that will look like in my home. I am always thankful for her creativity, time and insight. As a blogger it is our job to get a head start on seasonal decor early and Christmas is the daddy of them all!

Let’s take a peek at what Christmas has looked like four us these past few years.

Below is our Christmas Tree from 2022. Red was my overall bold color along with mercury glass accents , greenery and plaid. I adore plaid at Christmas!!! You can see last year’s Christmas Home Tour HERE!

our red and green Christmas tour tree

And below is our tree from 2021, our very first Christmas in our current home. This was a very special Christmas for us and we were even blessed to be featured in Country Sampler Farmhouse Style’s Christmas Edition!!!! Such an honor. This tree was all about the star shaped Christmas ornaments, pops of yellow, red and mercury glass. See our 2021 Christmas Home Tour HERE!

Christmas in our new home!

Christmas In July Moments

One thing I look forward to each Christmas is coming up with new DIY projects, decorating ideas and recipes that I can use and hopefully you can as well. Below are a few of my favorites! And just a warning…it was hard for me to narrow down…like really hard!

Simple DIY Star Shaped Pinecone Ornaments

SImple DIY star shaped pinecone ornaments
Simple DIY Star Shaped Pinecone Ornaments

How To Make Ice Votives

These gorgeous DIY ice votives are both stunning and easy to make!
Make Ice Votives

How To Make An Affogato At Home

Learn how easy it is to make an Italian affogato at home!
Make an Affogato at Home

DIY Nativity Centerpiece

DIY Nativity Centerpiece perfect for Christmas
DIY Nativity Centerpiece

Quick and Easy Christmas Shortbread Cookies

Quick and Easy Christmas Shortbread Cookies

How To Make A Large Outdoor Christmas Wreath

How to make a large outdoor Christmas wreath!
How to Make a Large Outdoor Christmas Wreath

Christmas In July What’s to Come

This Christmas I am feeling a pull towards all things simplified and incorporating my favorite color more: blue! I want more natural elements , maybe some coastal touches and maybe even a new Christmas tree. I love our flocked one but for years now I have absolutely loved this one from Balsam Hill.

Below are some pictures that have caught my eye over on Pinterest! But like most years I usually let the inspiration flow as I go and wait to catch the creative bug. Then the decorating just sort of happens. But if that is not your style then I suggest looking at magazines, Pinterest, blogs and Instagram. There is SO much inspiration to be found!

This year I am thinking…

  • natural elements
  • light blues
  • ginger jars
  • plaids
  • growing paperwhites
  • lots of greenery
  • texture (baskets, tablecloths, etc.)
  • coastal elements maybe?
  • natural with an elegant feel
  • simple yet statement worthy

Christmas In July: Memories, Moments, and What’s to Come

I hope you had fun catching a glimpse into my Christmas memories, moments and what’s to come in this post. Christmas In July always leaves me so excited for the anticipation of my favorite season and holiday. My hope is that my post left you inspired as well.

Next hop on over to my dear friend Kristin of White Arrows Home and her Christmas In July post. Then join the Christmas In July Blog Hop for more holiday inspiration. To follow along, click the highlighted blog name.

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  1. Kelly,
    I love how you broke down this post. Memories and Moments are so perfect. It’s what Christmas is all about. Thank you for participating in today’s hop.

      1. Looking forward to seeing what you create for Christmas this year. I do love coastal Christmas decor as well

        1. Hi Kelly,
          I love all your Christmas photos.
          My favorite Christmas dessert/cookie is gingerbread cookies! 🫚

    1. Favorite dessert for Christmas is sugar cookies with red, white and green sprinkles.
      Love your posts, Kelly! And your mom’s!

  2. Kelly, I love all your Christmas DIYs~from the ice bowl to the affogato! Tina from The Enchanted Home is one of my favorites so I can understand getting inspiration from her. Thanks for sharing all the great Christmas ideas and how exciting to have your home featured in a magazine. You go, girl! So happy to be blog hopping with you today!

  3. I’m with you…I would start listening to Christmas music now if my family would allow it! I can’t WAIT to see what you come up with this year, Kelly. I love your inspo photos. Pinned!

  4. I have no interest in Christmas in July but I know some people do like to have a cold or hot Christmas the opposite to what they normal have but not me, that said I did like the post

  5. I didn’t think anyone was going to make me want Christmas to come around because it’s currently 108 degrees outside but you did. I love all the deep greens and the combo of blue and green too. It all looks amazing and I was pinning like crazy. So glad I got to see it. Always enjoy hopping with you. 🙂

  6. I love your ideas! The nativity under the cloche is a fantastic idea! I think I’ll be making some as gifts. I can start looking now for rummage sales nativity pieces.

  7. I always look forward to your posts! My favorite Christmas cookie recipe is from my grandma, it is easy and my children’s favorite. It is a drop cookie made with white almond bark, rice krispies, marshmallows, peanut butter and nuts.

  8. I love this post! I am so ready for cooler weather and a cozy Christmas. My favorite Christmas dessert is Apricot and Raspberry Kiffles. They are cream cheese cookie/pastries filled with preserves. Yum! I was fortunate to have a Grandmother and Mother that loved to bake. I only make these at Christmas because that’s when it was my family’s tradition.

  9. ONE of my favorite Christmas Desserts is Cranberry Christmas Cake. It’s so buttery, filled with cranberries and very addicting! Thank you for this generous giveaway.

  10. Looking forward to more of your Christmas ideas! My favorite Christmas cookies are cinnamon pinwheels.

  11. Love all your ideas! I love using traditional red and green decor at Christmas and lots of plaid. My favorite Christmas dessert is a bar cookie I make called Celestial Bars. Both the brownie-like base and the frosting are swirled with chocolate. Yum!

  12. Love all your trees and decorating clothes! I love the little nativity clothes! So Precious!!! I Never plan ahead about decorating for holidays. Planning ahead is a great idea! 💡 I’m tired of my decorations. I might try making decor from natural things this year, I have Bunches of materials, pinecones, bark, etc. Love seeing so many great ideas in one place, your blog!!!

  13. Love all of your ideas! Can’t wait for the Christmas holiday season (although I do love me some Autumn!). My fave Christmas cookie is Russian tea cakes my mom makes. I think they are also known as Mexican wedding cakes, snowball cookies, etc. So delicious!

  14. My husband is a retired mailman, but when he was still working one family on his route made a plate of fudge for him to take home every year. We looked forward to that fudge every year, it was so good! Besides him working and leaving every morning, which I dearly miss, but that’s another story – I miss that fudge.

  15. Hello, Kelly and all! My most favorite—and very special Christmas dessert—is a Cranberry Pudding Cake made in a vintage pudding mold. It is a beautiful sight to behold when unveiled! There of course are cranberries throughout but the crowning glory is a whole cranberry sweet sauce that’s nothing short of jewel-like! And, it tastes divine. The perfect Christmas indulgence! Christmas never happens without this jewel on the table!

    Sandra Smith

  16. Good ol’ frosted Christmas cutouts are my fav. Thanks for the opportunity and all of the inspiration! ❤️💚

  17. My fav Christmas cookie is whipped shortbread cookies! I do them in 5-6 different add ins; but Lavendar shortbread is my fav!!!

  18. My favorite Christmas cookie is Honey Pecan Balls. My mom made them every year for Christmas, and I have carried on the family tradition. Along with butter and flour, Honey Pecan Balls ingredients include honey, chopped pecans, and freshly grated orange rind. They are formed into 1-inch balls, baked, and then rolled in powdered sugar while still warm. They are adictive!

  19. I am stealing that small Nativity in a cloche idea. Thank you for sharing.
    My 97 year old neighbor has always made batches of cookies as Christmas gifts.
    Over the past few years, another neighbor and I have become her “ helpers.” I just love her little sugar cookie Christmas trees that she hand forms and dips in green sugar. They are my favorite.
    *wish I could post pictures of them.

  20. Thank you for your enjoyable ideas and artcles! Favorite Christmas dessert is Plum Pudding with Hard Sauce – courtesy of my parents’ New England heritage. Dad used to flame the Pudding with a little Brandy. Exciting to watch, as a child!

  21. I love the pinecone stars! My favorite Christmas goodie is my mom’s homemade banana pudding.

  22. Loving Christmas in July. Texas heat this year is really rough! My go to recipe and main request is my Carrot Cake. Some things just never get old. Ha.

  23. I love decorating for Christmas! A Christmas tree in every room, and two in some!! That’s me!! Devouring all the blog hops! My favorite Christmas dessert is Red Velvet Cake!! Thank you for sharing your home with us!!

  24. I love all your beautiful, cozy decorating ideas!! All so gorgeous!!❤️I’m excited too to see what you do this Christmas – I know it will be amazing!! My favorite cookie for the holiday is the traditional sugar cookie. I make the cut outs only once a year and it’s at Christmas time! I get together with my daughter and grandsons, turn on the Christmas music, and have a great time sharing a family tradition!!😁🎄❤️

  25. Chewy chocolate gingerbread cookies! Have to save them only for Christmas as they are toooooo good!!!

  26. What a wonderful post. Love the idea of getting ready for Christmas, it will
    Keep our mind off the heat of summer.

  27. Our family’s fave dessert is sugar cookies that we decorate with our 15 year old and 5 year old grandsons. Baking day with them is a tradition. Thanks.

  28. Your post is putting me in the Christmas spirit. My favorite Christmas treat is the magic bar.

  29. Love how your Xmas tree is different year to year, Kelly! My fave Xmas cookies are Italian pizelles. I now have two irons to make them faster for all my relatives I send them to each holiday season! 😉

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