25 Budget Friendly Home Decor Projects

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Welcome to our monthly installment of Thrifty Style Team! Once a month I get together with my talented and creative blogger friends and we each makeover, repurpose or transform something from our homes or thrift stores. A huge thank you to Julie of Redhead Can Decorate for hosting! Well, this month I am sharing not one but 25 budget friendly home decor projects! I know, crazy right?!

Thrifty Style Team

25 Budget Friendly Home Decor Projects

I had so much fun going through my posts and rounding up all of my favorites for you and putting them into one post. There were more than 25 but these are my 25 budget friendly home decor projects that I thought you would love! They are in no particular order and you can click on the green links to visit each post. So have fun browsing the ideas below and hopefully you will find a few that you want to try in your own home!

You will love checking out these 25 budget friendly home decor projects!

1.How To Make a Mini Tea Cup Topiary

These topiaries were a blast to make! I got all of the supplies from the dollar store (super budget friendly) and they turned out even better than I had imagined.

How to make a mini teacup topiary in less than 15 minutes.

2. How To Easily Recover an Old Footstool

This was a fun project that I did with my mom! This is her footstool and her fabric and I love how it turned out. Now I am always on the hunt for tiny stools to give makeovers to.

How to easily recover an ol old footstool with no sewing involved!

3. Simple No Sew Drop Cloth Curtains

If you love drop cloth projects then you will love this budget friendly option for no sew curtains! I added some hot pink trim to spice them up and they are still some of my favorites in our entire home. 

Simple no sew curtains with colorful tassel trim.

4. Easy No Sew Drop Cloth Napkins

Yes, another drop cloth project. I was on a kick there for awhile and I love the budget friendly aspect of this fabric. These napkins were SO simple and turned out just adorable. I even had someone email me and tell me they made these for their wedding!

Beautiful and soft drop cloth napkins.

 5. DIY Cane IKEA Vase

Have you fallen in love with the cane movement like I have? I fell in love with a gorgeous cane vase but the price was outrageous. So I found a way to make my own and you can too!

This DIY cane IKEA vase is a simple project with tons of style!

6. How To Recover a Bench & Add a Skirt Without Sewing

I’m not a great sewer so any no-sew project that is available I try! This one was super easy…it involved drop cloth fabric and a staple gun!

How to recover a bench and add a skirt without any sewing.

7. Easy No Sew Drop Cloth Bed Skirt

Remember I told you that I love drop cloth projects? Well I wasn’t kidding! These no sew drop cloth bed skirts I made for my girls were the very first project that my blog was know for! 

This DIY no sew drop cloth bed skirt is a budget friendly home decor project anyone can make!

8. How To Make Votives From Old Jelly Jars

Do you have any old jelly jars? They make the cutest votives for your porch and patio. A simple and budget friendly decor project that anyone can do!

DO you have some old jelly jars? Why not use them to make votives!

9. The Secret to Lining Drawers The Cheap Way

Ok this project is all about making your drawers pretty! You won’t believe what I use to line mine.

The secret tip to lining your drawers the cheap way!

10. The Secret Trick to Creating Inexpensive Water Color Art

Art can get expensive and I for one am on a budget. But thanks to this awesome app I no longer have to worry about finding budget friendly art for our home.

Use this seceret trick for creating inexpensive watercolor art!

11. Easy DIY Paper May Day Baskets

My all time favorite post is my May Day baskets! It might be because they were just recently features in American Farmhouse Style’s latest issue. Such a pinch me moment. I’m thinking that I might have to start a #maydaymovement this year!

Who is ready for a #maydaymovement ?

12. How To Add Instant Character To Any Niche In Your Home

Weaber Lumber was one of my very first collaborations as a blogger. We have added their gorgeous white washed planks to several areas in our home. I like to call it instant character!

Weaber Lumber 's white washed boards made our niche have instant character and appeal!

13. World Market Potting Bench Makeover

It’s no secret I love the color Boxwood by Miss Mustard Seed milk paint. So I am always looking for something to paint in this gorgeous green color and this old beat up potting bench was the perfect piece! Paint is my favorite budget saving tip for decorating your home!

A budget friendly potting bench makeover with Boxwood green.

15. DIY Blue Hydrangea Wreath

Do you love hydrangeas? I sure do and I dry mine all the time so have tons of them left over each summer. Since I always have so many I figured why not spray paint some a add them to a wreath? Free flowers a bit of paint and a grapevine wreath made this a thrifty project for sure!

Make this blue hydrangea wreath in just minutes using spray paint!

15. Fun and Easy DIY Book Garland

Have you ever seen a book garland before? Ha! Me either until I dreamed up in my head. Putting this together was a bit of a challenge but literally cost me almost noting! This project is a fun and creative way to decorate your home.

A fun and easy way to decorate with books is with this DIY book garland.

16. Faux Flower Arrangement

Give me all the faux flowers! These days you can find gorgeous faux flowers just about anywhere…even in the Target dollar bins! I love putting fun little arrangements all over my house.

A bunch aof pretty faux flowers look perfect in this jadeite pitcher.

17. How To Upcylce an Old Cutting Board Using Modge Podge

Have you played around with modge podge before? It’s so fun! There are so many great home decor project you can create with this super fun product. I used some pretty napkins and an old cutting board and made something new within a matter of minutes!

Modge Podge, napkins and an old cutting board

18. DIY Cane Armoire Makeover

This old armoire was a Facebook marketplace find. My sister, mom and I all worked hard to bring her back to life with some paint and cane webbing. She now lives in my niece’s room!

Can webbing and some paint gave this Facebook marketplace find new life!

19. DIY Citronella Candles With Essential Oils

Mosquitos are my nemesis in the summer! So I made a pretty DIY citronella candle jar for our back patio. It was amazing, smelled amazing and even looked amazing too!

Essential oil citronella candles are perfect a perfect and frugal backyard DIY.

20. How To Refresh Your Half Bath On A Budget

My latest project was our half bath refresh for under $200! Once again the power of paint came in clutch as did a few other small changes. Budget friendly doesn’t have to look cheap if you know how to di it right.

budget friendly half bath makeover

21. The Secret Tip For Drying Hydrangeas

Remember that hydrangea wreath above? Well this is my post all about how I dry and preserve my hydrangeas so I can use them year after year during any season! 

Dried hydrangeas in decor! Learn my secret tip to drying hydrangeas perfectly!

22. Flea Market Style Spring Centerpiece

Flea markets are my favorites to visit when I am searching for budget friendly home decor projects! This centerpiece I created include more hydrangeas and flea market finds.

flea market Spring centerpiece

23. How To Make a Low Hydrangea Centerpiece

Need some tips and tricks for creating fresh flower centerpieces? You will love this post and how simple it really is.

Learn how to make a low hydrangea centerpiece.

24. Old Dresser Makeover Using Milk Paint

Paint projects are like therapy for me…they bring me happiness. After finding this beautiful old dresser on Facebook Marketplace and painting her I knew we would be friends for a long time!

Old dresser makeover using milk paint. You won't believe the before!

25. Double Sided Painted Shutters

Miss. Mustard Seed milk paint to the rescue for these gorgeous vintage shutters! And guess what? I only painted one side of them…which means I didn’t need a lot of paint and didn’t have to spend a lot of money! Win win in the budget friendly decorating world! Turn them over for a whole new look. 🙂

painted vintage shutters project

Budget Friendly Home Decor Projects

Hopefully you were able to find a few projects that piqued your interest. It was so much fun for me to round all of these up for you and take a walk down memory lane.

Now come see what my thrifty friends are sharing this month!

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Thrifty Style Team

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Thanks for stopping by today friends! What idea was your favorite? Are you up to any thrifty projects yourself right now? I’d love to hear about them! Just leave me a comment below.



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  3. This is such a great roundup, Kelly. So many great and budget-friendly ideas in one place! I love all of the hydrangea ideas. It makes me super excited for mine to bloom later this summer!

  4. What a fun roundup! I love the book garland idea; going to have to figure out where I could do that with some vintage books. Always love seeing your beautiful style and creativity, Kelly!

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